1,500 points of undead - 2 options

Dear people,

In a tenday I will play another 3rd edition battle using my undead. As we are used to, we play at 1,500 points either a series of 1 vs 1 battles or one 2 vs 2 battle with 3,000 points on a side.

My opponents will probably be elves, ogres (again) and gobz.

I have selected two army lists; either the zombiefest based on all my zombie models or a more elite list based on Mhorgoth the faceless.

My question would be: which army would be the most fun to play? I’m inclined to use my zombies, but using Mhorgoth is tempting too. (and yers, I’d list “fun” over winning any day. Especially in this day of the edition)


‘Zombies 4 Days’ gets my vote!

I think Mhorgoth at 1500 points is a little bit cruel, so depending on how competitive your play group is, you might consider leaving him behind until you play larger games. I say this because his ability to haunt the enemy’s lines really demands a fighty individual or overlapping sight lines that can be really difficult to fit at 1500.

Definitely follow your heart and take what you want to take, just I think he’ll tend to warp smaller games around himself.

Yeah, will replace him with a liche-queen with drain life; but probably just take the zombiefest.