2000pts Salamanders

I threw together a 2000pts list for my sallies and I was wondering what you guys would think of it.
I´ve only had a couple of games in 3rd.

Ghekkotah Warriors (10) Troop [1 US, 60 pts]
Ghekkotah Warriors (10) Troop [1 US, 60 pts]

Ancients* (20) Regiment [3 US, 185 pts]
Ancients* (20) Regiment [3 US, 185 pts]

Salamander Ceremonial Guard (40) Horde [4 US, 270 pts]: 05 - Healing Brew

Salamander Primes (10) Troop [1 US, 90 pts]: 2H Weapons
Salamander Primes (10) Troop [1 US, 90 pts]: 2H Weapons

Tyrants (03) Regiment [2 US, 145 pts]
Tyrants (06) Horde [3 US, 255 pts]: 15 - Sir Jesse’s Boots of Striding
Tyrants (06) Horde [3 US, 260 pts]: 20 - Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar

Lekelidon [1 US, 85 pts]
Lekelidon [1 US, 85 pts]

Battle Captain [85 pts]: 05 - Mace of Crushing, Raptor
Battle Captain on Rhinosaur [1 US, 145 pts]: 05 - Blade of Slashing

++ Total: [25 US, 2,000 pts]


Interesting way to make the Inspiring sourced from the Ancients instead of Heroes.

I think it could work well depending on the scenario and placement of those Ancients.
However if something went wrong they wouldn’t be able to redeploy and shift their inspiring bubble to another part of the line as quickly as an individual.

You have chaff, including some with good damage potential so they can’t be ignored.
Infantry and Large infantry that hit hard, and a large cs1 phalanx horde that will be tricky to shift.

This army looks like in the right situation it could beat face but could have some problems with finicky scenarios or nuisance units in the backyard. (Though Hopefully the Lekelidon and Battle captains can handle that.

Good luck with it!

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Really cool list, I appreciate the investment in a variety of small units, which should be instrumental in helping the slower hammers (tyrants mostly, even with WC) connect. My only recommendation is to combine the brew, mace and blade and see if you can’t get a more meaningful 15 pt item on the horde or characters - Mournful Blade on the raptor captain, for example. It won’t help him down monsters any better but it will help intercept flying individuals / hunt out support staff in the enemy line.