2022 New Years Resolutions

This is what often happens - the best laid plans of mice and men…

I’m desperately trying to stick to my plan! Happily the Basilean warband are looking good fun to paint, though I have only just started and have not quite nailed down the paint scheme yet…

I can also see my Deadzone stuff expanding once the starter set is done.

Paint the Basilaen warband! They are so much fun to paint, great models.

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Here’s the plan:

  1. Trident Rebase (Late Feb)
  2. Herd Part 2 (Late April)
  3. Abyssal Rebase / Expansion
  4. Firebound Mantic Rebuild
  5. Skorne?

Here’s how it’s going:

  1. Done!
  2. 31 models in, 6 models and lots of basing to hit 1995
  3. Last model bought and washed this week … but that’s the last progress since 2020 :confused:
  4. All models are bought and in hand! Except I just finished 3D printing a Frostbound army annnnnd I’m about to 3D print an Ogre army. Sorry Bloodfire 2.0 :grimacing:
  5. See above :upside_down_face:

Started them! This is my paint scheme - I wanted something a bit different to the box art so I am going for a more “foresty” look, as I imagine this warband to be out on the hunt for goblins and other such menaces around Basilea.

Not the best photo and I’m not the best painter, but it will do!


I know you’re going for a “forest” look @screamingaddabs, but I’m getting serious jade warrior vibes from this guy. An Asian inspired Basilea army would be cool!


Looks cool, can’t wait to see the resin models!

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Cool, thanks - not what I was going for but happy with that anyway! Let’s see if the rest turn out like that too!

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No Resins, but the multi-part PVC ones have been nice to assemble so far!

Completed so far:

Deadzone starter set (two 150 point armies)
Centaur Chief, bray hunter and bray strider
Thegn on Frostfang
Goblin Snaggit
Enforcer 100 point team (from the heavy weapons set)
Some progress on Dungeon saga scenery
6 models for the Basileans

Still to go:

Rest of the Basileans
Finish DS scenery
Finish Abyssals for DS
Dwarf warband
Bought Magwa and J’os so need to do them…

Not doing too bad - I’m slow but steady!


Update time!

So I have now bought star saga as I saw it for cheaps and thought “that looks fun…”.

I have now got a full 200 point basilean warband though and done some of the DS scenary. I’ve also started painting Valandor and Ba’el as the kids are nearly through the dungeon saga original campaign. Should have these done by the end of the week.

In an attempt to keep focussed I will only let myself paint Basileans or dungeon saga for the next month!

How are the rest of you doing with your resolutions?


I’m doing…ok?

My elf army is now multibased, but I need to add tuffs and grasses to x4 more regiments.

I’ve painted x2 characters for my FoN army. I now need to paint a beast of nature and x2 regiments of hunters to have 2,000 pts.

I have painted no deadzone minis.

I have painted 2 out of 100 minis in 5 months (ouch!).

My wife is also pregnant with our 4th child.

Probably only going to get 2 out of 4 pledges done. 50% is a pass right?


50% is a 2-2 degree (the gentleman’s degree…) :smile:


I haven’t painted a single elf or halfling, so those are for the latter half of the year… I’ve been busy painting T’au.

But the four dragons list should be finished for the tournament next month, and I might even have a chance to practice with it! :smiley:


The Undead and Abyssal Dwarf armies are done.
I’ve painted a ton of minis in the first half of the year, though I’ve drastically slowed down since.
My multibasing skills are getting better. Still not great or dynamic, but definitely an improvement.


Enough Basileans for a waband, including some dungeon saga figures. Using valendor as a palace guard proxy.


I’ve stuck to basileans and dungeon saga so far. As well as those posted above, I have finished Ba’el. Dungeon saga scenary is slower. Seems to take ages and not be that satisfying at the mo, but I will persevere