3D Printer... Now I know I'll never get caught up!

I just got a new printer and now I think I’m going to be finding excuses to build new armies! This is going to ensure that I never get caught up on painting! Now I’m wondering if printing unit bases is going to be cost effective.


Welcome to the 3D printing club! Yes, you probably will end up printing armies on a whim. LoL

Which printer did you get?

I got the Anycubic Photon. It’s just a great machine and the quality of .STL’s out there is amazing!

Oh good, you got a resin printer. It’s the better choice for miniatures. Details come at the cost of build volume though. I have an Elegoo Mars and I am very happy with it so far.

I’m ok with 2 piece giants and trolls printed at 85% for the savings! I only miss out on bigger terrain but there’s only so much storage in an apartment.

To be honest, separating big complicated models into smaller pieces is better anyway from a support/model damage perspective. My friend and I have almost printed out a Warhound Titan in pieces, so bigger models aren’t usually a problem. Movement bases like you mentioned can be though. Multiprintung a horde base just seems silly.

Yeah the bases / trays would be one at a time laying flat since they are just a few mm thick. The only downside so far has been cleaning and curing, so I just bought the anycubic system for this too! I love toys!

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Their system looks like it works great. I already have a work flow so rebuying a setup didn’t make sense for me. I’m with you on the loving new toys though!

Printing basing elements is more in line with what I like. Bases are easy enough to source other ways.

I’m with you. At a couple of bucks each for MDF unit bases, it won’t replace buying them but for the odd size on short notice, it will be nice!
I am printing and cleaning in an apartment so the quicker I can cure and kill fumes the better. I may go so far as to set both of these up in the bathroom to use the small space and vent fan. . A full production facility on a toilet tank would be very weird!

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