3rd brotherhood combined list


As money is always a factor so i cant afford to “uppgrade” my brotherhood list to the new edition for a long time, do anyone know of a combined or updated list from 2nd edition so i can contineu playing. Not that good to make a new army list myself ( not for the lack of trying) but i really like the game and really wanna still play more, my friends prefer official list.
Ill ask again, if anyone know a combined or updated list please post some info i you can.


Could you post what units you have figures for to help people make suggestions?

There are 4 armies its likely you can muster with little or no additional units

  1. The Brothermark - theme list of Basilea
  2. The Greenlady - theme list of nature
  3. Kingdoms of Men
  4. Basilea
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Yeah, there isn’t a legal brotherhood list in v3.

Nearest for friendly games would be use v2 list (with v3 stats), make redemption, abyssal hunt and forsaken all irregular, as with archers and limit the heroes to the current lot?

Thanks for the good ides, ill try to talk them into it on the next meeting.

Fluff- wise Brotherhood splits into Brothermark and Greenlady (both in the new uncharted empires lists). Looking at it Brothermark is the closest and would reuse the maximum numbers of models.

Please bear in mind this is a completely unofficial list that aims to solve your problem:

Army special rules as order of Brothermark

(from order of the brothermark)

order of the abyssal hunt
villein bowmen
villein skirmisher
villei penitent (irregular)
villein siege artillery
exemplar hunter
exemplar riding majestic beast (stats of high paladin on elder dragon)

(from: order of the green lady)
Order of the brotherhood
Order of the brotherhood on foot
Men-at-arms retainers
Order of the forsaken (irregular)
Order of redemption (irregular)
beast of nature
exemplar adjudant
exemplar redeemer

this removes the Force of Nature stuff and the basilean stuff in favour of all kinds of knights and villeins.