Any experiences?

Who’s run the quickstart and how did it go?

I might have finally gotten a group together to try it out soon.

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Well, I’ve run it now.
My players really enjoyed it, like how simple the test mechanic is. The elf-mage player failed to cast lightning most of the time though, but we might have missed something with magic.

There are obviously gaps that will be filled with the full release and I look forward to seeing the book.
I’m also curious to see how characters level up and how powerful they get (I hope not too much).


I’m keen to try the quick start sometime, what are the main things you think need to change?

I would like an example on lighting, otherwise the system looks solid.
One of my players even asked if he can still get in on the Kickstarter.

What I would like to see added is a starter adventure as opposed to an intro adventure that sets up another product. Just for two or three sessions, so that one can get started with only the book.

Edit: after more thought, the reaction and fatigue mechanic basically got forgotten or ignored, I don’t think it adds enough for the extra complexity.

A fatigue mechanic similar to Vanguard (you basically borrow an action from your next turn) would be interesting and a cool Easter egg.