Arming your Hordes and Legions and Artefacts

I’m inspired by the great Goblin posts recently, and by my own Goblin army’s two in a row record of wins.
i do so love my own ‘Night goblin’ Sharpstick legion,. What’s not to love about a phalanx unit of 35 attacks, even hitting of 5’s and a nerve of 25/27, even before you add a mawpup or a cheap wiz to Bane chant them for extra damage, or boost them wth an artifact . but which artifact to choose? Maccwar’s potion of the Caterpillar or Sir Jesses boots of Strider are both handy when you march them accross the battlefield and charge into the fray, as that legion is bound to get tangled in terrain. but what about Blessings of the Gods to gain elite. With 35 attacks, you ar bound to roll a few 1s in there. Or the Hammer of measured force, to wound on 4s. )What are your favourite Artefacts for your legions?

of course, you could always go for a legion of Rabble, lose 5 attacks, but get 50 points to spend on a brew of Sharpness for 4+ to hit. If i have the math right on this 30 attacks hitting on 4s = 50% hits or average 15 hits, whereas 35 attacks hitting on 5s = 33% or 11.5 average hits…

What about the dragon shield for Defence 6 for one turn giving them a serious anvil option? This one could be particularly nasty for the likes of Naiads with entangle or phalanx units against cavalry

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With legions of cr*p stuff you have a couple of options re items - tool them up or cheap and cheerful.

Measured Force on something with 30+ attacks, even hitting on 5+, can really mess stuff up. A cheap option is fire oil which can be a nasty surprise.

Sharpness & some BC support turns the unit into something the enemy has to worry about; the pendant and its something your oppo has to worry about HOW to finish it.

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