Badge news and awards

This site has a reward system: Badges.
Some of these are awarded manually by admins, and some are granted automatically by the system.
I really dig these achievement type Badges, and want to use this topic to highlight changes made, or special Badges awarded to specific people. :slight_smile:
Gotta get’em all!
Read more about them at:

List of current custom badges: (yes Lars this is almost just for you!!)

Please feel free to message me if I have not granted you a custom badge which you deserve. I might not always be able to spot your contribution in a timely fashion.

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Not sure how you did it but @KoshtraBelorn and @MattGee seem to have been awarded the automatic badge of “New User of the Month”. Well done! (a bit early IMO since the forum is only 3 days old, but congrats anyway!) :grinning::+1:

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Its our natural charm and skill!

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Yes! Got me a silver badge today from the system! :partying_face: :muscle:

I will treasure my badge for all time. Now to keep it going.


@Andreas is the first to earn the Nice Topic badge :slight_smile:

@V-Dawg is the first to earn the badge Appreciated!

@V-Dawg is the first to earn the badge Thank You!

Our next 2 “New User of the month” are @SteveDeathByDragons and @Golnik :partying_face:

Our users of the month for October are @Kuanor and @JoeMcLaren :clap:


@VigoTheButch is the first to recieve the badge “Gives Back” :clap:


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Me and V dawg are the first to unlock the Aficionado badge :heart_eyes:


Some new users of the month for last month plus this one: @VisiblyRiley @Bombastico @Hexcessive @Gelfling666


I got a gold badge! Ohh yeah!! :heart_eyes:


Users of the month @Needlefang123 and @arcticfox :clap:

Users of the month were @Morofang and @Pikkoro ! :slight_smile:

Users of the month were @Vlissinger and @Moska ! :slight_smile:

@Andreas is the first to get 25 likes on a topic and the badge that comes with it :slightly_smiling_face:



@klatschi and @MistakeNot are the Users of the Month :slight_smile: