Bard's Undead Army

This army (still WIP) was made from the models of a Stillborn AoS army I had in my pile of Shame.

Originally it was a mostly Wraith and Wight army with a theme of a Vampire couple raising the army from a Medieval cemetery - like the one that is in Salzburg Austria under the Castle I visited a decade ago. All cobblestones and wrought Iron. With the Halpi’s rift change invalidating the build I had to look for alternative builds - at first used the wraiths as mummies (which really didn’t sit well with me) and now using them as Revenants. This gave me points for the two troops of Wraiths.

I’m still working on the display board, which is using the Warcry Gardens of Morr scenery and some 3d printed components.

I tend to get the army to playable state - and then make detail passes to clean up. For example you’ll notice the skulls on the bases have a spot on the top (from being painted on sprue) that I will clean up with a highlight going over it.

This is one of the armies i’ve been using on the Victoria Wargaming Youtube Channel.


They look really intriguing. A few close-ups would be nice though and mybe you could tell us what your units resemble in KoW?

The multibasing looks really good. I like the cobbles and lanterns theme.

That looks great!

Where did you get/what did you use for that mat?

The list:
2000 Undead Revenants

Liche King 155
Shroud of the Saint 30
Heal (6) 40

Revenants (Regiment) 125
Revenants (Regiment) 125
Revenants (Regiment) 125
Revenants (Regiment) 125
Revenant Cavalry (Regiment) 180
Revenant Cavalry (Regiment) 180

Revenant King 80
Mount on an Undead Horse, increasing Speed to 8 and changing to Hero (Cav - Height: 3) 25
Surge (5) 10

Wraiths* (Troop) 120
Wraiths* (Troop) 120

Vampire Lord 165
Wings of Honeymaze 40

Wights* (Horde) 260
Fire-Oil 5

Necromancer 50
Inspiring Talisman 20
Bane Chant (2) 20

Total Unit Strength: 23
Total Units: 13
Target Points: 2000
Core (Target%): 2000 (100%)

The mat is the killing fields SG Flet Mat:


Love the pink ghosts :heart_decoration: (and nice basing!)


That is great work! I love the alternative colours to the standard dark undead theme. To top it off you multi-based like a champ!

Keep it up. You are an inspiration to those of us that get stuck in a stereotype colour scheme.

I am definitely outside of my comfort zone colour wise, and this is partly a passion project for my wife - she’s been on my butt to do an army purple and pink for years.

I guess your wife had a great idea then. The colours are a nice variation for Undead. Mine are pretty ‘standard’, which I also like, but it’s really nice to see how versatile and creative this hobby is.
Multibases are nice too.