Basileans starting point and beyond, new army build

So just getting started finally building a Basilea force rather than buying more and more of the models for my shelf in boxes.

So this isn’t a full list but more of a I am going to build and paint this to get my base force going than tweak it from there.

Thoughts on additions or subtraction to get started is the feedback I am seeking.

My initial build thoughts are as follows for the starting push

2 high paladins on Dragon
Horde of Mounted Paladins
Horde of Men at arms spears
Paladin on foot defender regiment
Elohi horde
Elohi regiment
3 heavy arbest

Going to need some various chaff and some of this I might switch out in either the build phase starting as as I hone the list.

Thoughts on additions or subtractions as I move towards a 2200 to 2400 point list which is the general points levels for the tournaments I play.

Thanks for pointing out my horrible spelling and/or bad autocorrect, not sure which but either is horrible and my fault , ha.

Of course thanks even more for your thoughts.

I think that you will want to sprinkle in some scenario units. Unit Strength that can claim objectives and bolster sectors, hold Loot tokens, etc.

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Most certainly I do this is kinda my build and paint this and see where I need to add from that base. I certainly need a lot of that sort of thing added.

I am already pondering though if I want to hold off on the second dragon for now.

I want a base of things that will go into almost every list I will use was the goal then discuss and ponder what else to add.

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I’m getting my first 3rd edition games in tomorrow, but my initial thought is that unit strength is going to be more key than having a bunch of flying hammers. Could be wrong.

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That’s certainly the way it was seeming in playtesting no doubt.

Part of the bias of course for my first list of base stuff is that’s all units I have on my shelf already in boxes too. Lol

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Got two games in yesterday. I was partially right about unit strength. The total US is less important than the ability to spread it around to objectives. I think that Troops and cheap Regiments are going to be key for me going forward.

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My updated initial list also looks totally different though I still will be adding more of the above back in once this first push and speed tournament in 2 weeks is done.

Paladin on foot x3, one defender upgrad6e regiments
Ogre Palace Guard Horde x2
Samacris sp? I will look it up and fix it later…

Then maybe 1 more character not sure yet

I think that will be a great core that can adapt in many different directions as needed.

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The question is: do you want Samacris or a regular phoenix? If only for the model, I’d take the regular phoenix. Gorgeous model!

The Pheniox isn’t out yet and the tournament is this week that I am pushing to get 1200 points for. I think in my first 2000 to 2400 point lists I will be running both a Pheniox and Samacris . I have 2 of the Pheniox models on preorder already.

I agree it is a fantastic model by any measure.