Ba'su'su The Vile

Is this guy worth taking for 210 points?
Looks like he’s taken a bit of a hit in 3rd ed, but I’ve never used him. I’m considering taking him to target war machines/spell casters etc…

What do you think?

For Abyssals we have other options that are cheaper, at least for character / WM hunting

  1. Champion with wings plus dualist sword
  2. Seductress
  3. The unpronounceable legendary Seductress

All are cheaper options in the hunter role. Where he would win is the mobile anvil role with his higher armour and nerve plus he’s mighty. Personally I’m using champion and seductress

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Yeh you have so many more options! Thanks though :slight_smile:

As mentioned don’t think he is really needed in the army.

Just call her “Mau-Mau”. I’ve used her during most of 2nd edition; but in 3rd I’ll be replacing her with an ordinary seductress.

I was going to try to break it down into syllables, but that’s literally in the name.

Mau (mow)
Ti (what the English drink)
Bu (like a ghost)
Su (The woman’s name, or a person demanding money through a court of law)

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I’m gonna go with Susan I think…