Call to Arms v3

I’m starting this thread to put the important stuff for the Call to Arms v3 Universal Battle tourney in one place on the KOW Forum, so that Facebook haters like me can find it more quickly and easily! This first post is TO Adam Padley’s first post from Facebook and the rules pack.

Adam Padley:
"Hi All, as many of you know I have run a couple of Universal Battle Online Events over the course of this year, last event capping out at 42 players

With KoW v3 just around the corner this feels like a ideal opportunity to start another one :blush:

I am looking at starting this event the weekend after v3 has been received I believe this would be the 26/10/2019 so plenty of time to get signed up!

I have attached the Event pack below, but a brief overview of this event is a way to get some organised play in place with people from around the world, you only need to commit to 1 game every 2 weeks we will be using the Northern Kings Scoring system for this event info in pack

Can people please comment below or PM me if you would like to sign up for this also if anyone has any questions over it please fire away :blush:

Look forward to playing you all in v3 and lets make this event bigger than before!!!"



And the second post in the thread is an edited version of upstanding citizen @DanMiner’s automated results message:

"Hi Call to Arms fans! I’m here to give an update on scores!

Results can be seen here:…/1sR3Tskl2LEit8l5T2DRJFD-Qx-…/edit…

When you look at the ‘Total Results’ tab you’ll see 5 columns.

Name - Your name!
Results - A tally of all results you have reported so far
Rank - How well you’re doing compared to people who have submitted their results up to this point
Games Reported - How many games you have submitted a form for, this should equal no more than number of games we’ve played up to this point (1). It’s a quick check to look out for people who may have done the form more times than they should have.
Opponent Results - This one may be the confusing one, it’s not what your opponents have scored, but what they said you scored using the form. This is a secondary double check as you should both be submitting the same scores for yourselves and your opponents, so these should be the same as ‘Results’. If not I’ll call on the two players to sort out the discrepancy (already happened once).

Happy gaming!

BTW the document is semi-automatic, meaning it for the most part just does calculations automatically, the only slightly manual part is the page ‘All scores’ doesn’t seem to automatically pull in new entries like I’d hope it would. But I just check it a few times a day and correct that. So don’t come in here if you notice your scores don’t get updated in the ‘Total Results’ sheet right away. Please check the ‘Form Responses 1’ tab and if you see your entry in there, then you’re all good."

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And third, but not least, the same @DanMiner’s message about how to submit results:

"If you’re in the Call to Arms tournament, @AdamPadley has allowed me to automate quite a few things. If you’ve already emailed the results to Adam can you please use this form instead? And if you haven’t lets use the form going forward:

Call to Arms v3 Results Form

Use this form to enter your results, should be one from you and one from your opponent."

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This form works very well. I was just wondering how to record my army for best in race (it is my only hope now :rofl:)