Cardiff slow grow league week 1

First meet up of the KOW Slow grow league in Cardiff. We had 4 people. Including 2 who have not played before. To focus on basic rules we just did 500pts and kill. (Each we will be different scenario
My first game (ever) was against dwarves with my abyssal dwarves. Was a victory for me.
Came to a bit of a grind. As I witted down his horde

2nd game was a loss (quite a close one though). Started to get a bit more movement in. Impressed with my gargoyles as they survived a couple of turns to threaten his hero. This pic is of a messy combat. Opponent had out manoeuvred me with his flyers to get my golems in the rear

3rd game was against dwarves again but a different opponent. Another new player. This was victory for me. I got lucky with regen on my immortal guard healing 6 of 7 wounds. My opponent also had shooting. So was different to previous dwarf list. This shows final moment game where I needed a 2 to overrun into his shooters but only rolled a 1. I still won.

Enjoyed my first steps into kings of war. Next week we are upping to 1k and doing a scenario.