City Guard KoM - with FB Slow Grow

where are those ruins from?

It’s this kit.

They are good value for GW and you get plenty in the box. Limited numbers of corner pieces but you can fairly easily plug-up the gaps

Lovely empire models!

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Next rebased lot - old school marksmen and some foundry extras with the beer!

Just started painting up a pike horde and some of the clip together sigmarite stuff from gw’s new magazine will be added as an ogre palace guard unit.


Knights and a variety of war machines done.


Work in progress stuff only - as got sidetracked by work and the pub.

I’d picked up a bunch of the old basilean m@a sprues when they were on sale. Really didn’t like the arms/shields but some Fireforge bits seem to work as archers.

An expensive giant model (not) and out of production gw/fw characters round things off.

A warlord landsknecht pike horde, a couple of perry foot knight regiments and a peg rider will round things off

Giant finished along with some random characters

Where is the giant from - is he an old plastic toy repainted?


Fits the theme better than more classical ‘giant’ models.

Next, very minor bit, finished - indomitable will tokens.


These look awesome, great job!

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Thanks mate. Just little things like this hopefully add a little extra to the overall army

Not a huge amount of painting progress, but the building phase is getting there. Did paint up another mounted character - may run as The Captain.

Few gratuitous group shots ( the display board/tray was done for my similarly based abyssals - I will do one for the city guard - it will just have to be a lot bigger!)


Build phase complete - now to paint the buggers!


Ropey wip shots

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Couple of finished bits, a group shot and some WiP

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Latest bit - troop of archers (have another troop and a regiment to do).

Next up

Pike horde finished.