Dave's Dwarves

What started as a unit of earth elemental allies has sort of grown!

Got my hands on some mantic dwarves, some from Oathmark and some old Harlequin/Black Tree ones and a few repurposed bits and pieces. Have two regiments of the Oathmark heavy armoured guys to be iron guard to add.


These are beautiful and full of character. Thanks for sharing.


Yes, very cool looking! What spears did you use on the bulwarkers? I am searching for some and yours look very good.

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Thanks - fun little army to build.

Its a mix. The longer ones are from Fireforge (they came with their Russian infantry but you can get them separately in sets of 24(?)) - the others are from the Oathmark kit (with the hand trimmed down).

I’ve either used the open hand mantic arms or removed weapons/drilled through fists so they fit.

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Thank you very much! I found them and I will buy them :smiley: