Desert of the Dead KS for Empire of Dusters

So many fantastical sandy undead in here!


If we get an Ophidian army those Elves look like they would fit in nicely.

I love those elves! Well the halflings also oozes character. Oddly the mummies and skeletons are the most boring out of the lot for me. Well I guess one can just get the female elves and use them as, hur hur, “mommies.”

But seriously, I love the idea of North African elves, it is just awesome.
Do you know if those shadows they show are simply showing the model count? Or Will they be mono-pose, because that would really suck.

I honestly don’t know if they’re doing alternate sculpts of units. The silhouettes clearly denote how many of that model type you get, and I would have said it’s the number of that model except you have a couple entrees with multiple sketches shown:

In which case I don’t really know! If they made 2-3 sculpts per entry I’d be thinking more seriously about getting a bunch of stuff. As it is, I’m still tempted, very cheap prices …

EDIT: Wait, those Hexes, and other units as well, come “including command”, so that’s at least an upgrade sprue!

A lot of people have asked if their will be pose variation between the units! There sure will! Many will have command groups and at least 5 poses among the troops. This is not true of every unit, some do not have commands and some of the smaller regiments may only have 3 different poses (Anubti). That said if the campaign keeps going as it is then there will be funds available to get even more poses rendered so Im not setting anything in stone now.

From Update #20

EDIT: I was curious how the Elf Battalion pointed out as Twilight Kin, since the match is pretty solid. Ended up combining shields in with spears to form a mixed horde, as there’s no shield option in Kin for some reason.

Spearmen Horde
Crossbowmen Regiment
Shadows Troop
Reaper Guard Troop
Blade Dancers Regiment
Gargoyles Troop
Dark Knights Regiment
Twilight Bolt Thrower
Dark Avenger on Abyssal Mount
High Priestess of the Abyss - Weakness, Inspiring Talisman
Army Standard Bearer

It’s not particularly competitive, but it’s a solid little army with a ton of variety, for just 100 GBP. Kinda neat.