Dwarf Lord questions

So, here’s my situation.

I have a Mantic Dwarf Lord model. It’s a fantastic model, and I think I’ve done pretty good painting it up. The problem is… I have no idea how to use the thing. It’s a bit too slow to go warmachine hunting (except with Wings, I suppose), doesn’t have enough native CS or attacks to make the Mournful Blade or Blade of the Beastslayer seem worth it, and is too expensive to just be a glorified backfield standard bearer.

As an added issue, for 50 extra points you can get a Steel Juggernaut, which has better speed, better CS, a gun, Fearless, and can flank effectively. HOWEVER, for those same 50 points, you can get Garrek Heavyhand, who gets better nerve, better CS, and Regeneration tossed into the mix.

Rambling around to a point here, my question is this – How do you use him? What tactics have you found that make him worthwhile? I really want to use this model more, and I’d love some advice.

Here’s an example of my current list, just cause:
Army: Dwarfs
Points: 2300
Unit Count: 14
Unit Strength: 20

225, Bulwarker Horde
205, Shieldbreaker Horde
220, Earth Elemental Horde
195, Berserker Brock Rider Regiment
100, Sharpshooter Troop
65, Mastiff Hunting Pack Regiment

260, Steel Behemoth
230, Greater Earth Elemental
230, Greater Earth Elemental

90, Ironbelcher Organ Gun
90, Ironbelcher Organ Gun

205, Dwarf Lord on Large Beast
Blade of Slashing
110, Stone Priest
Bane Chant (2)
75, Dwarf Army Standard Bearer
Lute of Insatiable Darkness

I do find myself downgrading the dwarf lord if I want to find points for something.

When I do take him, he’s good for grounding fliers behind your lines.
I’ve also found him good on a denied flank (usually with shooting troops. He keeps the troops sent to deal with my shooters busy for and extra turn of two and shooting (from a troop or two) plus his attacks often routs a unit. I found that he’s quite nifty with a diadem, but I will do that less once I get a juggernaut model.

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He might struggle to reach a flyer which lands in the rear zone though. :sweat_smile: with the 8 inch charge.
However it might cause the flyer to land in a less desirable spot just to avoid his charge range, so indirectly it will contribute regardless.

Give him lute and the headstrong aura and just leave him behind an infantry line (bulwarks/iron guard)?

I almost always use him with wings as a portable road block to intercept other fast movers and shut down fliers; he’s not actually very good at this, and is usually the first thing to be cut from the army. That being said with wings he is about the fastest and most manoeuvrable thing Dwarfs have access to.

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