Empire of Dust - slow grow

I have decided [after completing my Trident realm (I still have few models to paint - 3rd balista or WR reg)] to start my 3rd army.

I got tempted by a new hottness - EoD. Decided to build a cav based list I had planned for my goblins but had to drop the idea after 3.0.

I have a 2300 list ready but I decided to take smaller steps and paint 750 first.

This is what I have started with. My 750 is:

Chariot regiment,
Wyrmrider regiment,
Revenant cav regiment,
Undead Wyrm,
Revenant champion on a horse.


Good luck with the project! I keep thinking about doing an all-Mantic chariot army - first Ogres and most recently Orcs. Between Mantic making more and better chariots (a rarity in the mass battle wargame market and a pain to 3D print for me) and their virtual absence from the meta, I assume at some point I’ll pull that trigger. Will be interested to see how your adventure into cart-based combat goes :wheel:

Also golf clap for what I’m guessing is a sand phoenix? I’m a fan.

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I plan to make a Undead Wyrm using Phoenix model. Red/Grey fur with green flames I will use on every flame in the army (cav hooves, spell affects etc.).

Phoenix is next in linę just after wyrms.