Firefight news & chit-chat

Anyone else super-hyped for Firefight 2nd edition?

It has had a complete ground-up rewrite using deadzone as a base and with simplicity and fast gameplay in mind.

Gone is the clunky port of the Warpath mass battle rules, it’s now an easy to learn ruleset like KoW or deadzone with a simplicity similar to 40k 3rd edition, but with modern mechanics like alternate activation and an orders system.

Model count will lie somewhere between 30-100 for a typical game, depending on faction, number of vehicles taken etc.

Here’s the new starter set contents, I’ll probably be getting two boxes since the contents are a very steep discount (haven’t calculated it fully but around 50% off the minis alone, not even counting the rulebooks, counters and dice).


It looks great and I am tempted based on the minis alone! Some flexible strike teams for deadzone at a decent discount!

I’m interested in the game too but more in the long term - I’m such a slow painter that 30 to 100 minis seems like loads!


Very interested, I love the deadzone background universe but for some reason I’m more attracted to doing it at this level than skirmish.

Gives me a reason to paint up all the plague models I’ve accumulated


The amount of tiny men in that set is really impressive, but personally I’m most interested in getting my hands on the rule books.

Gotta get more plague guys.


When FF beta was announced I started expanding my Veer-myn force to be ready for launch. And I was a great idea.

Veer-myn are super fun to play and building those plastics is fantastic fun. I have built 3 Stalker/Crawler units…added support weapons, build a tuneller and got myself 2md Tunnel Runner… 1000+ pts ready to Play!


I’ll definetly get the rulebooks, but skip on the starter set. I’ve got enough Plague and Enforcers to field a small force and I’m not really interested in Marauders or more Enforcers.

The Warpath universe and background is pretty cool. I really hope Mantic flesh it out a bit more. It’s so much more plausible and believable than everlasting war between religous and pagan superhumans.


There are some items up for preorder on, which we haven’t seen before:
Marauder Mule - | Tabletopshop | Brettspielshop | Roll, 25,80 €
Marauder Weapons Teams - | Tabletopshop | Brettspielsh, 17,20 €
Firefight Book and Counter combo (EN) - | Tabletopshop, 34,40 €
Firefight Command Dice Pack - | Tabletopshop | Brettsp, 10,75 €


Marauder Skyscrapers £15 for 2 resins rrp

Alternative weapon team loadout, I believe they come with multiple guns so break out the magnets

Forge Father Strike Force

Marauder Strike Force

GCPS Strike Force

Asterian Strike Force

Enforcer Strike Force

Veer-myn Strike Force

Plague Strike Force

All the Strike Forces are listed as £75 rrp


Slight shame that they haven’t included different coloured dice. From Andy Sharp’s youtube overview, using different coloured dice for different weapons can really help. For folk like us that probably have a load of coloured D8 around then it’s no big deal, but I feel a starter set should have everything.

Very much a nit-pick (still an amazing value set!), but it could easily have been done at no extra cost.


Just for comparison, a GW Ork starter set with 25 miniatures costs 90£.
The faction starters are pretty cool. Almost a shame I already got enough Plague and Enforcers.


…looks amazing! :ok_hand:t3: I wish my guy would be into sci-fi *sigh :sob:


could you grate small amounts of sci-fi into his cereal until he becomes accustomed to it?


Is it worth a try? :smiley: I don’t know… I really don’t understand why he doesn’t want any of it on the table. He is fine with sci-fi in movies and books :face_with_monocle: :woman_shrugging:t3:


Buy him Veermyn then, a lot of the models are double use for KoW and Firefight/Deadzone.:wink:


I preordered the rulebooks/counter combo and two packs of command dice. I’m not keen on mixing with Vanguard. Now I just have to wait…a month😳


news from the front


I worked out a savings breakdown for all the new Strike Forces - Plague, Veermyn and Forgefathers get the biggest discounts overall:

Forgefathers Strike Force: £75, has £128 in minis (41% discount)

30x Steel Warriors (£54)

  • Sturnhammer Battle Tank (£30)
  • 6x Forge Guard (£18)
  • Iron Ancestor (£18)
  • Resin Huscarl (unavailable, but let’s say £8)

GCPS Strike Force: £75, £111 in minis. (32% discount)

40x Plastic GCPS Marines (£45)
2x PVC Striders (£36)
1x Resin Ranger Lieutenant (£10)
1x Plastic GCPS Mule (£20)

Veer-myn Strike Force: £75, £126 in minis (40% discount)

40x Nightcralwers (£45)
4x Nightmares (£18)
2x Progenitors (£8)
1x Tunneller (£30)
2x Tunnel Runners (£25)

Marauders Strike Force: £75, ~£110 in minis (32% discount)

30 Commandos (£54)
1 Hornet Dropship (£30)
4 Ripper Suits (£16 est.)
1 Ripper Warlord (£10 est.)

Enforcers Strike Force: £75, ~£114.50 in minis (34% discount)

20x Plastic Enforcers (£36)
5x Plastic Peacekeepers (£18)
1x Resin Pecekeeper Captain (£10 est.)
1x Plastic Accuser Interceptor (£32.50)
4x Plastic Jetbikes (£18)

Asterian Strike Force: £75, £108.20 in minis (31% discount)

30 Plastic Marionettes (£54)
6 PVC Support Drones (probably an error, the drones are hips and are on the marionette sprue)
4 PVC Cyphers (£6.40)
3 PVC Cyper Wardens (£4.80)
1 Plastic and PVC Chroma Force Platform (£35)
1 Resin Overseer (£8 est.)

Plague Strike Force: £75, ~£135 in minis (44% discount)

30x Plastic 3rd Generation Plague troopers (£33.75)
30x Plastic Plague Zombies (£33.75)
1x Plastic Plague Mule (£22.50)
1x Resin Plague Lord (£15 est.)
2x PVC Aberrations (£30)


Thanks for that, guess I have to buy one now?:wink:


Those seem like decent discounts.

But no. I cannot.

Only the books.


I had a rough look at points based on the beta lists, so these may change somewhat.

Plague comes out around 1200 points
Asterians at 700 ish

the rest sit about the 800-900 point mark, so with a standard game being 1000 point they’re very good starter armies a comprehensive size