Foot Varangur

Also, height 2, very fast large infantry. Very hard to imagine modelwise. I personally use blightkings, but its not a perfect fit.

“Large Infantry” is purely a base size convention.

Think the initial model idea behind the fallen unit were some Warmachine models with massive 2 handed glaives - so fighting in loose formation as you’d hit each other otherwise!

The Lord’s Guard from Bestiarum are the best Fallen I’ve found. Not significantly larger than humans, but well armored, well armed, and with digitigrade legs to suggest inhuman speed:

In terms of the rest of that release –

– Undead Knights = Huscarls, Footmen = Draugr, Lord’s Guard Cav = Mounted Sons, Mounted Wolf = Frostlord, Hammer Knights = Fallen variant with an item, Hounds = Wolves, Goliath = Giant/Dweller, etc.

It really is a killer set!

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Ah yeah, I love those Lord’s guard, planning to use them for huscarls. Was thinking about these for Fallen - probably need to be scaled up, but I can imagine them scuttling around at horror movie speeds, and CS1 is very believable.

The Goliath makes me wish the cavern dweller were taller. The mini is excellent, but it does NOT look H4

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