Forces of Nature @ 1-Day tournament

I played in a tournament today, went 1-2. Dominate vs Basilea (W), Invade vs Orcs (L), Occupy vs Undead (L). Both losses were closer than they might seem, and against some fantastic players who left no mistake unpunished.

The List (with some mistakes, can’t wait for EasyArmy or Battlescribe!)

Salamander Primes Horde +Potion of the Caterpillar

Salamander Primes Horde

Woodland Critters Regiment

Woodland Critters Regiment

Tree Herder Hero +Darklord’s Onyx Ring (Illegal - oops!)

Air Elementals Horde +Brew of Strength

Water Elementals Horde

Fire Elementals Regiment

Stone Elementals Regiment +Healing Brew

Salamander Veteran Hero +Guiding Flame

Gladewalker Druid Hero +Surge

Beast of Nature Monster +Inc. Attacks

Initial Impressions

Double Primes Hordes were only OK. They aren’t durable enough to grind forever and they aren’t killy enough to alpha, so they exist in this limbo of kinda good at both but not outstanding, and with these gargantuan awkward footprints. 2H weapons are probably more viable, sadly only own 70+ models with 1H weapons. Loss of Pathfinder really hurts, Caterpillar tax seems mandatory.

Woodland Critters were surprisingly good. Got in the way, out of the way, or died reliably like all good chaff. And did some non-negligible damage. Really liked the way they played.

Tree Herder is amazing. Soooo good. Ring was completely unnecessary. (EDIT: And also illegal. Oops.)

Elementals - liked them all in different ways. Depending on your play style, all might be viable. Stone Regiments are straight up MVP. Unbelievable how much punishment they can take in a small package at a good price. I immediately bought another regiment at the store. Water was probably the one I liked least - it feels like you pay a lot for Sp 7 and Regen, but I consistently found myself outranged in charge stand-offs with cav, or out-gunned in grinds. Would rather have Air or Earth.

Sally Veteran’s aura was very underwhelming. He did play a pretty key role as a puncher - very reliable. But I’d rather have something else. I could get maybe get excited with triple Primes and the Sacred Horn, but nooOOOoo you’re not allowed to do that. For the same price a Druid with Bane-Chant provides comparable damage output, more flexible Inspiring, and a minor Heal option, but without the extra punch option.

Gladewalker Druid - very underwhelming. Never needed Surge 8 over Surge 4. Druid would have been fine, esp. with Bane-Chant.

Beast of Nature - A good unit we know and love. Played as expected. (Struggled to find a good Height 5 nature-themed model that fit on a 50x50 base, though.)