Game 156 - Basileans - 2021/04/11

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There are some really nice items in the book and only as much space to fit them in! I simply came to the conclusion that in general, it is just a matter of personal choice at the time. All options are usually adding value to the unit. For example, a lot of people like Pathfinder on heavy cavalry. I chose Fury because I can still keep on fighting, despite some unlucky nerve tests that resulted in the regiment being wavered.

You suggested two options.

  1. Dragonshard Shield - it is an interesting item. It suggests that you consider it worthy to have an anvil type of a unit in the army. However, as you noted, the army does not really have them. Why do you think it would be of a value to have it for a turn?

  2. Windblast - this is something I tried before in 2nd edition in the form of the Windborn cavalry. Unfortunately, this unit is no longer available for Elves. I liked it a lot, also because it is a spell so it was not affected by cover and on top of that, you still inflicted damage. My experience, however, also showed that opponents quickly learn how to block their units from being pushed around.

It does not mean I would not like to have it. However, and it goes for any suggestion for an item and/or new unit, it also means I need to find room for it. Something would need to go.

What would you then sacrifice and why?


I suppose it came to mind as it adds something your list lacks, adding more utility. Less points and list change than adding in a Treeherder! Main reason - the potential to hold up more powerful units long enough to get flank attacks in. It could also be useful for plugging a gap in terrain or holding an objective. I like the idea of the Palace Guard planting their standard and making a stand against the odds!

Again, maybe something that could help to break up their line a bit and more added utility. Hopefully push a unit back to reveal a flank somewhere. Obviously it’s up against stiff competition with a v decent Lightning Bolt. I suppose even if they’re countering it, they’re having to react to you, plus they still may make a mistake as it’s not something you face every game.

Drop the LB for Windblast and gain 10pts, drop the Mead for another 10pts and you’ve got 20pts for the Dragonshard Shield.

All of that being said, I was just throwing a few ideas out there, whilst trying to leave the list relatively unchanged.

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Slightly out of date but a good article on Windblast.


Here is the link to my final battle report from Rage of Isolation 4 online tournament played on Universal Battle 2.

Game 156 - Basileans - 2021/04/11

Elves vs Basileans in the Control Scenario commanded by Yan! Many thanks to Yan for a great game!

Thanks Michael for organizing the event!