Gaping Dragon (Horde of Fiends)

I thought I’d do something different, and go through the process I did to make my latest (and currently biggest) model.

It took almost two hours to file down the connection nubs to get the model assembled

Aaand, like an idiot, I forgot to take pictures during the painting process… here’s the painting done.

Now, on to the base. I superglued a cut up cereal box to make the stone bricks (not a new technique for me)

Forgot to take pictures during the painting of this, too… :woozy_face:

Finally, I fitted the shmexy lady onto the base and used Gorilla Glue for some quick puddle effects.

And, here she is compared to my Banshee:


Step by step posts are great, you often pick up on details that are missed otherwise. You get a really good sense of the kit and other materials.

The model is a bit too horrific for me! I’d take psychic damage. Does tie in well with the banshee.

I take it the circular base is going to slot into a larger tray?


Yeah, I’m working on making one for it now… thanks for bringing that up

Forgot to square off the base earlier, so here’s the correction. Didn’t do anything fancy, just painted some thin cardboard black, and poured Gorilla Glue onto the corners, with some sloppy green ink mixed in for a sewage look


That is appropriately horrifying

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fantastic, Gaping Dragon is one of my favourite boss designs. I need to get this expansion for the board game.

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Now that is a creepy critter. Very nice!

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Is the board game any fun? I only picked it up for my Nightstalkers

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What is the model from?

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The Dark Souls board game (Gaping Dragon expansion). The model’s base is 145x145mm, so it’s way too big for Titans, so I went with a Horde of Fiends instead of Void Lurker

I really like it yeah

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