Gnoll themed Herd

Fell in love with the Northstar plastic Gnoll kit, ended up buying 5 box sets.

Plan on building the following 1,500pts force.

1 Regiment of Spirit Warriors.
1 Regiment of Longhorns, Blessing of the Gods.
2 Troops of Tribal Hunters, Bows.
2 Regiments of Tribal Warriors.
1 Regiment of Tribal Spears, Chalice of Wrath.
4 Troops of Beast pack.
Great Chieftain.
Shaman, Heal (5).
Tribal Totem Bearer.

The Beast pack are going to be unmounted Wargs from GW, to help keep the Hyena theme.

Never played with or against The Heard before, so any feedback is most helpful.

Going forward larger Gnoll models will make good Guardian Brutes, and if I can find a large Hyena it will make a good stand in for a Brutox.


Sounds good. Those are nice kits.

I always loved those kits. Eagerly waiting on some pics.

I was just saying the other day that we’re in like the Golden Age of gnolls. Suddenly there are some really great sculpts out there. This should be a very cool army.

I run a wolf-themed Herd army, but make very little use of the infantry, so I can’t help you out too much, tactically. And with v3 on the horizon, any list-building advice is hugely asterisked.

That said, the Stampede is pretty much the backbone of any Herd army, and you’ll often see two. Large hyenas might make for a good Stampede.

May also want to check out the Confrontation Wolfen and see if there are any that can pass for large gnolls to run as Lycans? It’s another pretty great unit.

Looking forward to seeing this. Any thoughts on basing? Don’t see much African savanna basing, but it’d probably look amazing.

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If you hadn’t added the link to Paepercuts’ Savannah tutorial, I was. That guy makes fantastic stuff.

Tehnolog Werewolf. Look on EBay.

Those are pretty decent sculpts!

Great find

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