Goblins of the Mushroom Cave

Good Morning everyone,

just wanted to share my finished 2300 points of Goblins. Still missing some units for variations (fleabag rider, giants, war machine). But so far I’m totaly happy, even if I’m not the best painter, I had a lot of fun with these little ones and will have it in the future…
Group picture: left top the big “Squiggs” are my 2 Mincer Hordes, top right the winged Squiggs are my winggits…didn’t want to brake up the “cave” theme…so trying to build an army without machinery.

Still looking for a replacement for the 3 wartrambone…


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that’s an awesome riot of colour right there, I love the colour flip paints on the shrooms it’s a great touch and compliments the bright pink and yellows of the main army

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Mushrooms and mushroom styled armies are always fun, and these are amazing!

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what about spitting squigs for your trombones?

have a couple of goblins to “fire” it, maybe a fantatic holding a leash with his chain and another to poke it to fire?
the spit could be easily made with hot glue stick.


thx for the suggestion…I actually found an STL that looks a little bit like the Forge World Squigg Lobber…I think I will try printing them and take a look, if it’s look like a “trombone”…actually I planed them to be used as Mawpup Launcher…

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Welcome @RitterKuhnibert , i love the vibrant colour scheme of your pallette, nice work

Welcome @RitterKuhnibert ! A great looking army you got there! Love the vibrant colours! I’ll bet they would look nice while getting whacked by my very saturated Undead!:zombie::grinning:


Awesome looking army there! love the colourful squigs!

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well if it’s an STL then you could always shrink it to regular squig size for the trombones and keep the massive monster for your Lobbers

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just noticed that I have 2 same looking STL’s, one with a Goblin on Top and one with the Crew…so I can represent both accordingly…