Goblins.. or they were

Here’s a few pics of my goblin force. Their first outing was not impressive but I blame my new dice :wink:


Nice army shots, the KoW world feels like a village online saw you and your army in the flesh at the weekend and here I bump into it again.

Possibly more dangerous here!

It is a very nice army, but it takes an evil mind like Adam’s to make it work :wink:

Yeah. It needs a Padley to play it right

Maybe with green dice thy perform better? (Or red ones, depends on the kind of goblins) :wink:

I think they look fantastic!

I think with shooting, positioning is so important, practicing on UB really helps because the charge arcs are so clear.

Practice? Never heard of it.

I love the way this army looks. Can you talk a little bit about how you painted it?