Goreblight - Scratchbuilt

The Goreblight is an obvious candidate for scratchbuilding from the bits box (probably also what the necromancers are doing).

Rummaging through the bits, I realize that I don’t have any big legs. However… the undead can’t complain…
I imagine the necromancers to be practical when it comes to the choice of body parts.

First, I drilled holes into the major arms and glued bent paperclips into them. This was combined with more bent paper clips and hot glue to form a scaffold that the rest of the parts were attached to or just glued to.

Green stuff was added for filling out gaps and other adjustments and surfacing.

I undercoated the model with necrotic flesh, as this is most of its surface.

A lot of the painting was done with a combination of contrast paints, ink and dry-brushing.
Painting the remaining details was quite quick.

The finished monster:

Who wants a hug? :skull_and_crossbones::smiling_imp::skull_and_crossbones:


Great stuff - final model looks suitably gross!

Like it :smiley:

Very nice!! I also found this , that might help.