Greenskins rool... 3175 points +

Based on the models i have, plus an extra regiment of Morax i have yet to make up, this is my army list for a combined Greenskins army, Orc and allied Goblins. I have 3175 points so points left over to spend on magic items/spells to make 3500 points. Any tips welcome.
Target3500 Points
Morax Regiment(20)Orcish Skullpole [180]

Longax Regiment(20)Orcish Skullpole [160]
Ax Horde(40)Orcish Skullpole [220]

Skulks*Troop(10) [85]

Gore Riders Cavalry Regiment(10)[190]

TrollsLarge Horde(6)[190]

Gore Chariots Regiment(3)[190]

War Drum [80]
War Drum [80]

Krudger on Winged Slasher[285]

Flagger [50]

Godspeaker [70]

Spells: Fireball (7)

Gakamak [230]

Wip the Outcast [105]
Spells: Heal (2), Hex (2), Lightning Bolt (3), Weakness (2)


Sharpsticks Horde(40)[155]Phalanx

Fleabag Riders Regiment(10)[155]
Fleabag Riders Regiment(10)[155]
Fleabag Riders Regiment(10)[155]

Flaggit [40]

King on chariot [130]

Wiz [45]

Spells: Lightning Bolt (3)

Total Unit Strength: 36
Total Units: 22
Total Core: 2340 (66.9%)
Total Ally: 835 (23.