Help getting started and picking armies

this line should have read “NOT need washing”


I appreciate all the help. My goal is to assemble both armies, then focus on painting them. They won’t look great, but I’m trying to get the boys hooked on the coolness aspect so they’ll buy into the system for years to come.

I have the first 20 slave orcs glued together. They’re heavy infantry, so they go on the big bases, correct? Is there a standard source for movement trays? At this point, not interested in diorama multibasing so much as just getting the guys on trays so we can start playing. Any recommendations of a place to get movement trays? Thanks in advance.


The orcs go on the 25mm square bases, correct.

Best place for any type of tests, bases etc is warbases if you are in the uk


Alright, I’ve managed to snip and glue all the Abyssal Dwarfs. I ordered some movement trays, so I think we’re in good shape there.

Next question: what’s the secret to securing the resin grotesques and hard plastic golem to the mdf bases? Glue and hold? My first few attempts didn’t work, and I suspect I’m doing something wrong.

Pin everything mate. :slight_smile: 1mm drill bit and copper rod / steel wire.

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Paperclips are easier to get hold of :wink:


could be. myself I bought a 5 meter coil of 0.9mm steel wire at the hardware store and it’s lasted me 6 years and will last me at least 6 more. :grin:

Thanks for all the guidance as I get up to speed! All the Abyssal Dwarfs are ready to go. I’m cutting out and gluing together the Undead now. Have the skeletons, werewolves, and something revenants going. Also the hobby drill on order and will get the big ones drilled and pinned to the bases soon!

Next q on this journey:
How would you recommend I approach basing units? My goal is to shoot for PMC. Overarching goal is to get as many units in action as quickly as possible, so elaborate multibasing is out for now.

What’s the best way to get decent groups of units based in short order?

(I assume it’s fine for me to keep putting qs in one post, rather than starting new threads for each, but let me know if I’m doing that wrong)

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So I’d get an idea (roughly) of the army you think you might want to run and get a bunch of bases to match that.

Basing regular infantry units in regiments and some of the more specialised/shooting stuff in troops gives you flexibility.

The make the bases - do a wide range of MDF ones, or get plasticard and cut to size. For a basic job, tile grout & fishtank sand, undercoated black and painted with tester paint pots. Add a bit of flock.

Stick on the models - superglue should do for plastic models and go from there

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