Help with Undead and Orcs Starter Armies

Hey Guys,
I’m new to the game and wanted to ask if anybody could direct me to 2 starter Lists at around 500 - 750 Points for me and a friend that are balancedfor learning the game and a good base for expanding later into competitive lists.

I would very much appreciate any help

Thanks and greetings


To start, I would just make a list using the models you have or the starter box you’re planning on.

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I don’t have any models yet and I’m not planning on getting any starter boxes. I’m just gonna buy the units that I want and the models I like from different companies.

Welcome to the forum! I would recommend to take one or two regiments, one maybe more elite, of infantry. A unit of large infantry or a monster and a hero. Just don’t get something too expensive and fancy. Undead may be able to take a regiment more than Orcs. Kings of War is a pretty balanced game. It shouldn’t be too bad as long as you don’t take a titan or dragon/giant like hero at this point level.

I think it’s hard to have x2 balanced armies in such a small points game without the forces feeling similar. That being said, here are x2 700 point lists that I think play to the strengths of the armies (although undead can do anything!)

Horde of axe (215pts)
Regiment of great axe (150pts)
Regiment of great axe (150pts)
War drum (80pts)
Krudger with the bloody banner (105pts)
700pts total

Zombie horde (115pts)
Zombie horde (115pts)
Soul reaver cav with caterpillar (260pts)
Jarvis (140pts)
Ghoul troop (70pts)
700pts total

Not too sure about the undead, but the orcs look good.

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Thanks mate.
That looks like it could work out well :slight_smile: