How specifically to pivot during a charge

This topic has been one that all generations of Rules Committee have been reluctant to answer. The reason often stated is that it is “obvious” what the shortest way is. Fair enough.
But in 3rd ed, we don’t just need to understand what is the “shortest way” but also the “most direct”.
This would easily have been dismissed by most players as a continuation of the “shortest way”, had not an image in the 3rd ed rulebook demonstrated that the unit did indeed not pivot to go the shortest way in its example, but rather straight ahead, even though it would have been a slightly shorter way to move if it had only pivoted first.
This naturally led to the FAQ ruling that if your unit can make contact by going straight ahead, it will do so with no pivots involved.
However the answer of how to manouvre your unit if the straight ahead move is not possible, still stands unanswered. Do you pivot:

  • “as little as possible” (in line with the new mantra of going as straight as possible), or
  • “whichever amount needed” to create that shortest path between the units

It seems like it needs to be decided which one gets priority: most direct, or shortest?

Hopefully the RC will answer this eventually. In the meantime you can look at this suggestion video and make your own thoughts on the topic.
Pivot during a charge? (Unofficial / unresolved) on Vimeo