Jazzy Jaune-uary! - painting topic

Looking great as always @Sceleris.
I’ve always had a fondness for pirate ships and I’d be tempted to buy some of the Armada Orc/goblin ships but i doubt i’d get any games with them.

Assembling rats and goblins from the War of the Holds box, plus Gnolls.


Looking good. They the Frostgrave gnolls?

Yep, Frostgrave. Want to make my next army an alliance of these three races. Underworld Alliance or something similar. Goblin army rules most likely.


2nd elohi. The complete Basilean starter fleet is now finished.

Edit: here are all the closeups!

Next up is my Abess.


Hi all, not much progress. A test model for some twilight kin for the Missus and a lava themed base.


My setup for the multibase of a horde of Ratkin spearmen:


Stalagmites i assume :+1: @KptKeno

True, some little rats and a plague pot will be added.

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A few additions to my KOM / league of Rhordia army:
The best place for a man to be on a battlefield, at the right end of a very long pointy stick:

And some halfling knights. I’ll shortly be creating a new scenario that involves finding truffles!!


@HouseElf those are some serios spears they are weilding, i’d say pig stickers, but the halfling steeds might get nervous :-p :stuck_out_tongue:

loving the Halfling knights too btw… trez cool

i was looking for an alternative Winggit model, and considered strapping some boars with wings to a chariot… playing on the "If pigs could fly " theme

Thanks Nav. Don’t want to upset the hogs. I suspect the hobbits would struggle to control them
I’m looking forward to seeing your winggit creation. (And your completed galleon!)

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Love that lava rock. It looks great!

The base coat on my first attempt at a Winggit is drying, although i used the wrong spray can by mistake , whch is too gluepy and it will need to rebuild. i learned a lot from the excersise however, and a second atttempt might be worthwhile.
Meanwhile, i’m working my way through the first 20 goblin pirates, but an idea struck me. you never see pirates fighting with shields! Shall i prune the bows to make fists instead, or a second hand weapon? perhaps have a few with the small bucklers? any ideas?!

I finished my Night Terror:



Go with a knife or short sword in the shield hand. Maybe another knife between the teeth.

These are pirates after all!

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