Join us in June! - painting topic

Great progress @Remy77077! I found out that when painting a few models at the same time, there is a stage where you paint a lot but it does not look as if you did. Then suddenly, with the next stage of some more details, the models look as if they are done but you still have work to do :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see the finished unit! Keep painting, you are doing great!

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Hi @Mikes!

That’s great achievement! And they look great! Don’t worry about the pace, as long as you make steady progress and are enjoying the process, all is perfect!

What’s next? :slight_smile:

Thank you @Swordmaster :smiley:
And yup that weird “jumpy” feeling in progress when batch painting models is something I know exactly what you mean! I’ve tended to always to paint models in unit groups in the past 1.5 years I’ve been back at it now, so I’m getting quite familiar with that feeling. I reckin I can actually judge my own progress now far better than it even looks in photos. Recent experience is also why I did the shields first, as I have found I always get mildy aggravated doing them at the end or even simultaneously - not sure exactly why that is. Maybe because a model “done but shield” is actually far longer to go than you’d think for me at least.

40 Goblins is actually so far proving less daunting than 20+ Black Orcs or 20 human halberds though - which were probably the two most “difficult” units to paint as batch blocks for me, because the models were so detailed in the case of the halberdiers, and so large & different per model in the case of the Black Orcs I was doing. The Black Orcs were the one unit where I had to ‘give up’ doing them fully batch paint, and instead split them in half and did half of them to completion and then the next half, just to feel like I was getting somewhere with them. So I’ve got that idea in the back of my mind too in case I need it with these Forest Goblins.

From what I’ve heard people tend to find their own “optimal” number of models to paint in batches. I’m not sure what that is for me though (maybe around 10), but I find it varies so much depending on the size and detail of the model really, and how complex my paint scheme is. With some other simpler Goblin models I did 30+ easily so I still want to stick to full batch for these guys unless it becomes a struggle. I also did strip some of the detail of some of these models on purpose to make painting go quicker - and as rank & file guys I didn’t feel like they needed quite so many accoutrements :sweat_smile:

On the side I’m also sticking magnets to all my other finished units for (mostly) KoW purposes these days too (also in batches to dry the glue), so that’s eating into my hobby time a little. But expect a dedicated KoW-style army re-photoshoot when that’s done too! I’m looking forward to doing that :smiley:


I’ve been painting my Goblins in batches of around 5. This is enough for the paint to dry so I can start on the first again after finishing the 5th. Maybe exepting the first layer and the ink layers. Arguably a full batch painting of 10-ish or even more is quicker, but painting in batches of 5 allows me to get a batch finished in an evening of painting, which motivates me far more than 20+ half-painted models on the painting table.

For my abyssals/ghouls I DID paint in batches of ~15 due to a very limited colour palette. (Basecoat, 2 colours, ink wash, highlight, details, done) which allowed me to finish them really quickly. I believe, I got two hordes worth of models (~50-ish) within a month and a half, including multibasing.

These days, I just slowly paint myself in little batches of 3-5 as I can take my time painting those models. My armies are big enough, extra models are just for brownie points.

EDIT: @FredOslow, I promised pictures of your soul reaver infantry idea that I stole. Here’s one:

All part of another hobby update:


Thanks @Swordmaster!

Still slowly chipping away at my 2nd Regiment of Forest Shamblers right now.

My current “batch size” is “one” :laughing: Too much stuff i’d have to check on every model the way I’m painting. Those Shamblers are larger than the models I am used too and have so many tiny details that one can do. Although I might get cocky with the last two and at least do the basecoat and basic “brown” as a batch.

Since I’m quite busy with work/Home Office it pretty much takes me almost a week per Shambler right now, so anything other than “one at a time” would be too frustrating.

… slowly and steadily I’m clawing my way towards my goal! :grin:

But even earlier as I was doing Archers and Spearmen, I never did more than 3 or 4 at a time and then usually only did basecoats and faces as a batch, then the rest and details one at a time.

Just my rythm for painting I guess. Wonder if it changes if I paint a different style army, maybe as allies to my Elves, at some point :slight_smile:

Oh and … what’s next? Stormwind :slight_smile: But only after I finish those Shamblers! … and maybe one or two more character models as well. … promised my girlfriend to paint a single character model for her to keep as well … uhhm … some months ago :blush:


Well, I got my Argus Rodinar-counts as done. He and everything else I paint can be seen on my army plog on this site :wink:

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More random bits done - camel riders (mounted scouts) and the completed dogs of war.


Next post of randomness! Built some war engines out of stuff from the bits box - a ‘cannon’ and a pair of organ guns


Da’s noice! Realy historical eastern “inventivity”!

I’ve also made a bit of progress. Here’s the back troop of my regiment of soul reaver infantry. The front (Empty) troop base will be next. I luv’ the vampiress residing on the throne.

Edit: will try to get a picture witout the painting light… it tends to overlighten the picture!


I’ve been working on Goblins this month.

Just got a horde of archers done (30).

And am now starting the other 60 - to be completed as spear troops.

15-20 is my perfect number for batch painting. I find over that the progress seems very slow - even though it is only a trick of the mind.

Here are two hordes and two regiments of wolf riders I completed at the start of this month.


Nice! Are those Oathmark Goblins btw?

Those are Oathmark goblin wolf riders and infantry.

I would highly recommend both.

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Awesome! Yeah I definitely plan to get some at some point to try them out. The foot Goblins look a little too big and different designs to fit easily with the rest of my Goblins though I feel, but I still wanna check them out, those bow arm poses look really nice.

Well, I didn’t get em done in April. But they aren’t too far off:



One and a half (done) models shy of my first full 1000 point KOW army. That’s 67 models done and 2 to go total. (Palace Guard Regiment, Spear Regiment, Bow Regiment, 3 Characters, 2 Forest Shambler Regiments) :slight_smile:

Sadly not in April … but May here I come :grin:

Won’t post pictures till I’m done for extra motivation :laughing:


Dear all!

What a fantastic progress and great looking models! Well done everyone!

I was worried I may not have much time for hobby this month (ironically, I work longer while from home ) and unfortunately, I did not make any progress on my Storm Wind using 5ed, High Elves metal Dragon Princes. They are all ready, I even managed to cast quite acceptable replacements for missing shields with blue, thermoplastic mould.

However, never to give up! I think it would be good idea to share the results of painting we have done and keep supporting each other.

Many thanks to @Mikes who once again came up with a brilliant slogan.

May the Brush be with You! :slight_smile:

Great to see this continuing.

Base painted the first fifteen goblin spear.

I’ll upload finished photos in a week or two.

Might take a break from rank and file after this bunch. I have an elf lord on dragon, two rock lobbers and two goblin bolt throwers due in the mail any day now from Mantic.

I’m starting to fear the amount of foot sloggers I’ll have to paint to field a 2000 point goblin army. The OathMark miniatures I’m using are also quite detailed. As it is I’m skimping a bit on some of that detail.


Hey @Swordmaster and thanks for continuing this topic!! :smiley: Seeing everyone working on their awesome projects makes me want to finish mine finally as well even more :wink:

I hear ya on the Home Office front … Outlook eats a ridiculous amount of my time and phone calls nibble away at what’s left these days. Nevertheless, let’s keep painting and thanks for the praise!

Just those one and a half Forest Shamblers left until I want to start working on Stormwind as well.

I want to stay with Mantic models for now, but I’ll have to decide if I want to use the new Plastic Stormwind or the old Metal ones … actually managed to get ahold of enough boxes so that I could field a full Regiment of the metal ones … or I could use them Riders as Dragon/Drakon Riders mounted on models from Reaper, or just as Mounted Heroes/General and stay with the plastic Stormwind for the Regiment … blah, I’ll have to look at them again :laughing:

The metal ones are a tad smaller than the plastic ones to make things worse, so I’m not even sure I want both kind of horses in the same army at that point. Have to try out tricksing with base design maybe so the difference is not that obvious… too much ideas too little time!

Finished the base colours on this lot yesterday. Just need a wash of liquid talent and then onto the bases. Then that is a Horde of Spear Phalanx done.

After this lot it is a Horde of Archers to do. Almost half way through my Mongolian themed Kingdom of Men.


Nice stuff - good choice of models/army.

Next random bits box raid has lead to a knight regiment and a couple of chariots.

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