Judiciously Join the Painting in Jolly June! - painting topic


With Monster March 6 over (once again, apologies for a delay in posting the final update), it is time to begin a new, quarterly topic for all your painting and modelling projects!

I am looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic models!



Some WiP stuff - naiad ensnarers for OotGL/FoN; morax, gore riders, some part built skulks and a hero; a Duke Hertronburg conversion


Soul Reaver Cav in progress; still lots to do!


Making a horde of Ironclad as two regiments for the Mantic Duel tournament in June!


Looks very promising!

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I’ve been working on my hornet. It’s the first model with extensive use of airbrush.


A count-as Duke Hetronburg model for LoR


I’ve completed (at the second attempt) a trial ogre using a green / grey / yellow colour palette. This will be the first of a horde for my Brothermark army.


Added to my Basilean warband for Vanguard. Got them at Xmas and these are models 4 to 6 finished, so kind of late…

Berosos is a Dictator/Abbess (Abbot?) stand in for Vanguard


Kitbashed orc hero


So, I have another regiment of Retainers for you all. Just one more and I’ll be done painting bog-standard infantry for a few weeks…

I’ve also finished painting a regiment of knights with two-handed weapons (Idea not at all stolen from Vince :kissing_heart:) who’ll be forthcoming once the basing dries…


I really like blue and yellow together. Nice work!


This obviously wasn’t all done this year, but this is a group shot of the various human and halfling stuff I’ve been putting together since the start of 2021, when i decided to rebase my original KoM force.

Used consistent basing and paint scheme throughout. Works as KoM, Brothermark, Basilea, Rhordia and includes the Halflings


Skeleton warriors horde, just need to add shields, i’ve got some shields from my old Warhammer orcs and goblin units i may mix into these and my mantic skeleton units. I will get around to basing soon i’m drawing up plans.


A regiment of abyssal hunt for the Brothermark–

Minis by Highland Miniatures Highlands Miniatures-Patrons

Base is custom, built off template by Txarli Factory


They look sweet

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Got a bit more done on my Dwarves. Slow progress last few months with real life eating into hobby time.

Finished five Dwarf heroes and two regiments of Dwarf warriors.

Pictures are a bit off as usual. Can never get really good light.

First up the regiments:

In regiment and horde configuration.

Avatars of war Dwarf warrior regiment (x2) was used for these. Great plastic kit. The level of detail on these is insane - I didn’t do them full justice but I’ve another eighty AoW miniatures to complete so they’ll do.

Next up the leader minis:

AoW metal. Beautiful mini to paint. Bit of pinning needed but I’m cool with that.

Two Rune Smiths. Both AoW metal.

Captain - AoW metal and bagpiper - Reaper metal.

The details on the Avatars of War metals is simply fantastic. I’d recommend them to anyone building a Dwarf force.

Next up for me is another forty AoW plastics as heavy hammer regiments. Then twenty each of ranger and berserker Dwarfs.

Keep the posts and pictures coming. Always great seeing what others are working on.


Loving them @Niall78 , Very colourful, and i get a real feel that everyone of them is an individual, rather that just another foot soldier with a one way ticket to the frontlines .
The colours also remind me of Terry Pratchet’s work.
I’m currently working on my own Free Dwarf army, at the moment so will watch your own grow with interest.


Tracking your progress with great interest Nav. I’ve went down the rabbithole with this Dwarf thing.

I’ve went completely mental on infantry. I already have six regiments of Oathmark Dwarves completed. These new ones make eight regiments with another four to complete. I’ll still want another forty at least as bow or crossbow regiments. And another twenty at least for a miner regiment…

Beware the rabbithole that is Dwarves.


Hehehe i think i am starting to understand that. I got some of the Oathmark Dwarf light infantry to make archers with, as i’m trying to avoid the usual: “I love the stench of cordite in the morning” type of Dwarfs, (even though i still have 2 Dwarf cannon that have been around for the guts of 20 years since Skull Pass)
. I’m not a great fan of Mantic Imperial Dwarfs and those saucepan helmets. Nevertheless, the problem is there are plenty of other options to choose from. Not a bad complaint, to be sure, but soon you are up to your oxters in unpainted dwarfs of all shapes and sizes, and are attending your first Dwarfs Annonymous meeting on the advice of a concerned friend