Just starting what size shoud i aim for

i just start building my rooster and so far i just startet with a vanguard roaster (5 rabbel/ 5 sharpsticks/5 spitters) so it is a bit devided but if i get 1 more regiment i can get up to 1 regiment rabbel and 1 regiment of spitters and 1 troop of sharpsticks

but the questing is what shoud i aim for?
i know i whant mawbeast and mawbeast riders and more mawbeast (more dogos for the small green guys)

but what size shoud i aim for(points) or shoud i even make regiments with goblins ?or just make hords

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I would recommend getting an army or mega army box and going from there.

1000 points is a good level to get going.
Kings of War is usually 0payed at 2000+ points though. I usually plan for 2500 points when getting a new army. Enough for all the common point levels plus a few options.

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