Keno's Undead - slow grow to 2000pt

I build myself an Undead army. Partly converting them from WHFB, partly new. I hope to have a playable 1000p army when KOW 3rd arrrives. Here are some pictures of the finished units and heroes:







NICE! where are the werewolves from?

They are from TTCombat. They were part of their halfling kickstarter. Didn’t bought anything else, just 6 werewolfs for 6 pounds.


I’m currently working on a regiment of Skeletons. Only 5 to go. I also found 5 painted ghouls, made a quick multibase for a troop of them. Also 5 to go. After those two, I’ll paint my shiny new Mantic Necromancer. Pictures will follow soon.

A quick update. I just finished a troop of Ghouls. Pictures are bad, better ones will follow in the next days.


So, here are better pictures of the ghouls. The first skeleton regiment is also almost done.


Here are my Mantic skeletons (incl. an undead dog handler) and my Mantic Necromancer. I must say, these models are brilliant. They were fun to paint!

That’s 600 ‘playable’ points done:
1 regiment of skeletons
1 regiment of wraiths
1 regiment of werewolves
1 troop of ghouls
1 necromancer


Mantic skeletons are indeed a joy to paint! The minis have good details and alot of character. :slightly_smiling_face:
Looking good with the black & orange!

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Thanks! Yes, they are full of character. There may be better sculpts out there, but nothing says more ‘Army of darkness’ than these!

Looks great!
You need a Horde of Zombies, or at least 2 regiments. Then some hard hitters- Soul Reaver Cavalry, Zombie Trolls, maybe more Werewolves .
Some shooting- Skellie Archers or catapults.
Whats next?!

Thanks, I have a heavily WIP Zombie Legion, got 3 more werewolves, a regiment of Revenant Calvary, a Soul Reaver cavalry troop, another regiment of skeletons, tons of ghouls and a catapult lying around. I’m currently working on my first troop of skeleton archers.


What Skellie Archers are you using?

I’m using the ones from Mantic

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It seems the road to third edition is leading through a swamp :wink:
Cool units with some nice ideas (crocodile is awesome :smile:)

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Well, thank you! But what crocodile? I guess you’re referring to the zombie wolf on the zombie legion base? I have to take better photos :smile:But swamp is fitting, in fact german high moor in the ‘Harz’ region was my inspiration. Like this:




Looks great, Undead are awesome in 3rd. All the basic Infantry become useful in different ways. I’m really happy with how it’s ended up, really good list. :slight_smile:



Yes, they were indeed. Too bad I didn’t order more.

Thanks, that’s good to hear. I really like mass infantry style armies with a few heavy hitters. I’m really looking forward to October.

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I just finished a troop of skeleton archers. Better pictures will follow. Next up is either a Balefire Catapult or a Revenant King. If I’m really lucky a Goreblight arrives in the next days. So maybe that.