Kickstarter is Live!

Link below
KoW the RPG Kickstarter


Count me in.
Excited to see where this is going.

i bookmarked it. not sure if i’ll have funds to back more tha na token amount (the battletech kickstarter took up much of my avaialble funds for the near future) but i might back just to get the Pannithor map. since you can’t get that separately in the KoW3.0 special deals.

Yeah, the Clans invaded my wallet too.

I will keep an eye on the KOW RPG campaign but the initial offering seems a bit bland for modern Kickstarter standards. If the only really new products are a book/PDF, some dice, a map, and a GM screen, I wonder why they didn’t just start with pre-orders rather than paying Kickstarter their pound of flesh.

I’d love to back this, I’ve been waiting for a KoW RPG since I started playing 2nd Edition.
But those shipping costs are too high, and can get higher before the book is sent. Not Red Scar fault obviously, I wish them the best of lucks, but I will have to wait until I can buy it from Amazon.

The kickstarter funded this weekend, some new add-ons (including miniatures). Shipping costs were also slightly reduced.

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In a few weeks they are opening it up for late pledges and changes with the pledge manager getting launched. So if you didn’t get a chance to back it there will be another short period opening up so you can.