Looking for Ancients style Humans

So after doing a browse of the interwebs I’ve come to the conclusion that I want a human army… not the Northern alliance models, I’m thinking something along the lines of Viking/Saxon models… what companies do people use? I like the look of the Warlords Vikings and can get 130+ figures for £55… but I also want to throw in some Cavalry somewhere along the lines… (I will use a horse rider as a rider for a fantasy set beast)… what Kingdoms of Men armies do people have??

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Welcome to the most flexible and varied list: Kingdom of Men.

The period you mentioned (sometimes referred to as Shield Wall) is well catered for. As an Englishman, I think you should go for Anglo-Saxon… but I am biased.

Gripping Beast do some lovely plastics for that period and I think are some of the best. Victrix are also well worth checking out. As for cavalry, best for that is GW’s Rohan, talking of them, they are also a good range that have a very strong influence of that period. You could easily mix and match as they are all the same scale. Good way to show more elite units as well.

I want for Mongolians for my Kingdom of Men, as I wanted a break from European Humans, and I am also very interested in their history.

Hope that helps!

The Victrix ranges are really nice - whether Viking, Gaul or their earlier period stuff.

Gripping beast have a wide variety and are decent quality in plastic and lots of metal characters etc.

Warlord have lots of stuff - some of their kits are quite small scale (some of their roman stuff) or aren’t (comparatively) that great. Their landsknecht range is nice

Fireforge have comparatively small ranges of medieval stuff - crusades, general ‘European’ range, but also mongols, Russians and Byzantine sets.

There are plenty of others, but these tend to crop up most for plastic models. For metal ones the choice is a lot wider

I’ve got an eastern/Arab style army, featuring lots of gripping beast stuff and multiple kitbashed units; a Breton/empire style one with added Fireforge stuff and one with decent contingents of Perry & warlord stuff alongside gw units.

I’ve done Gripping Beast and Fireforge and both are good. I’ve done other Victrix but not their Darkages.

I would say all are good - GB are the easiest to stick together as they don’t have many bits. Victrix are usually more detailed but more parts.

the warlord vikings stuff is kinda meh… their plastics are fiddly, have lots of little parts (like seperate weapons), and the posing isn’t all that great.
their metal vikings though are pretty nice.

also look at Footsore miniatures. they make some very good Vikings, irish, and sub-roman british figures. all metal, though.

i have GB viking plastics with some GB and footsore metals for characters that i’m eventually going to turn into Northern Alliance.

Going for Vikings and Saxons or Acient Greeks and Romans, you want the Victrix models

I recommend mixing Gripping Beast Vikings and Dark Age Warriors to get some variety in units.