Looking for Druid and Gladewalker Druid inspiration

While the forest guardian’s stats suggest it’s based on a forest shambler, the druids’ stats don’t link to any specific unit. An anonymous cloaked figure would fit in with the various different unit types.

I’m looking for miniatures to represent the druids that are ambiguous about their origin/type - something mainly cloak and hood. Something like the old Dark Emissary: http://www.coolminiornot.com/178239

Any thoughts or suggestions for miniatures to use?

Maybe have a trawl through Reaper’s ranges? They have a ‘figure finder’ https://www.reapermini.com/miniatures/figurefinder/latest

Nolzurs d&d range have a wide selection of characters

Thanks! I’d not seen the figure finder before. Trawl is the right word - I got 19 pages of results when I searched for ‘cloak’. Some promising options in the first 5.

Privateer press blackclads from their circle orboros faction might be something for you. They have mounted ones and a variety of ones on foot/floating, though they are a bit expensive.

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@MarkG I may have a spare dark emissary if you want it. I’ll need to go digging to be certain though.

Thank you for the offer.

I ended up going in a different direction and converting a GW Branchwych and Saruman.

Base for the Gladewalker Druid:

Base for the Druid: