Looking for miniatures: Arabian-inspired warlocks

I’m thinking about starting an army for the Dread Empire of Praes from A Practical Guide to Evil, using the abyssal list. Basically, they’ll have blocks of human infantry as a core (Regiments of Abyssal Guards), with warlocks and demons to provide punch and a few Abyssal Ghoul tarpits. As far as the aesthetic goes, I’m imagining something Arabian-looking.

I’ve got ideas for the infantry - historicals - and the demonic warhounds, but I can’t really find something good for some of the others:

Mage ritual cadres: groups of mediocrely-skilled warlocks, summoning lesser devils in close combat and casting deadly magic at range. Using the Flamebearer Troop profile, I’m looking for cheap-ish oriental wizards for these

Walin-Falme demons: flying, armed and armoured demon infantry, I think I’ll be using the Tortured Souls regiments as their profile. So as models, I’m looking for demons-with-wings that either have weapons already or can easily be converted to.

Akua Sahelian, the Diabolist: the general of the army, a warlock who can walk on air. Profile will be Mau’ti-bu-su. As a model, I’m looking for a female warlock model.

Does anybody have some good ideas? I’d be very grateful :slightly_smiling_face:


the Frostgrave wizard kits can be used to make generically eastern type wizards, and if you do head swaps with the historical infantry kits you could make them more arabian specific.

they also make a female version:


The Gripping Beast and Perry range might be worth checking out.

Lots of historical ranges in metal also cover this style. Wargames Foundry has quite a few from memory.

I came in here to suggest the frostgrave wizards too, such a versatile kit.

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These are absolutely perfect, thanks!

Reaper has a few nice Arabian fantasy models as well. I use the Aziz Al-Jawar model for my Arabian necromancer.

Brother Vinni has some useful (if a bit stereotyped in a few cases) resin figures in 28mm as well.

and reaper has a whole “setting” for arabian themed figs:

Well, most of my recommendations have gone then!

The wizard kit is great, and if you also pick up the gripping beast Arab infantry set you can easily use the spare arms from the former set to make a load more mage cadre models. The GB Arab set also gets you plenty of spare heads which you can use to convert lots of other historic models.

Shameless plug aside, this was my Arabian Nights/fantasy take on an eastern army

There’s always old Jarvis: https://www.manticgames.com/games/kings-of-war/undead/jarvis-ophidian-necromancer/

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And there’s GW Heartrenders: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Daughters-Of-Khaine-Khinerai-Heartrenders-2018

Oh, those do look lovely! I am indeed using the Gripping Beast Arabs as my household retinue infantry.

Thanks for the other tips, everyone! I think I’m gonna go for the Frostgrave wizards - I really like those. As regards demons, the Heartrenders are nice, but getting two troops of them’ll cost me about as much of the rest of the army combined. *Goes of to mutter about GW pricing not having changed since I left the hobby because of it. * I might have to suck it up, but I’m going to keep looking for a while first…

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I figured you would pass on the Heartrenders due to price. I would! But I tossed it up as an option if you get desperate and want to sell a kidney. :sunglasses:

You could also buy a resin 3D printer, that would solve a lot of current and future problems.