Luke's very slow Salamanders

Thanks! I may some day go back and reprint them at about 70% scale, but I am quite happy with the splice job I managed on the trees.

A good day of boring work yesterday!

35 infantry undercoated. Gotta rip through them as quick as I can, only three weeks left!!


Using the airbrush for something other than undercoats:

I don’t love it, but I think by the time I get the brushwork done I’ll be satisfied.


I think it looks great!


This past weekend was Kippers’ Melee in Nanaimo BC, and with some help from friends I managed to put together a minimum-standard painted army!

Almost everything needs highlighting and detail work, and the bases are an absolute mess, but there it is, my very first painted army! For playability’s sake I’ll probably leave them as-is and start on some new units - Skylord and Fire Drake are probably up next, and then CoK 2022 will no doubt change my priorities!


Congrats! Hope the tournament was fun as well.

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It was! I was very rusty since I spent all my hobby time painting instead of practicing, but it’s always a great environment.

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