Mantic Ratkin Models

Has there been any news or info about Mantic releasing Ratkin models?

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there are metals in the Vanguard Abyssal dwarf army in a blister, pricey but you only need a few. Ronnie did leak that there are plastics coming as the last release for KoW regiments this year, but that could be delayed or pushed back to 2021 because of the delays at the factories due to covid

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it was said that a web only conversion set (Warpath Veer-Myn models and KoW Orc Bits) would be available during summer together with the new Goblins

but no updates if this will be still possible because of CoV19 or not
but I expect more news at the Open Day


Ronnie was waving to sets of new plastic sprues around today, so I think we’ll get to see them on Saturday. He was on the counter charge podcast a few weeks ago when he leaked that the ratkin would be getting a full plastic set

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These may be relevant to you.



I wonder if that artwork is hinting at a new starter box for Kings of War. Goblins Vs Ratkin… because it sure does look like something that would be on the front of a box. :thinking:

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I think the question is not if there is a Goblin VS Ratkin Box, but which units in addition to the new plastic will be there

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Lugui was sculpting a Birth Daughter to go along with the faction, I guess hero under the Brood Mother. I don’t know if we’ll get resin parts to change the warpath/deadzone stuff rather than completely new sculpts. I think probably a bit of both if I was a betting man