Mike's Elf Army (Humble Beginnings Part II) updated November 2021

very, very nice and clean! Great job

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The tree herder also has a most stylish beard, which is something to appreciate.


Thanks @sheen and @wilberforce, the comments are much appreciated and are great motivation to keep going as well! :slight_smile:

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Excellent work, really nice to see what is possible with Mantic Elves :slight_smile:

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I’d consider the Treehearder pretty robust Mikes.

I’ve moved mine around in the past in just a big plastic stacking box with a load of other miniatures.

No more fragile than any other big miniature.

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Like your alternative all the same. Very natural. I think the Mantic one is a superb model but I can’t love it for some reason. I’ve often caught myself admiring other companies treemen instead.:rofl:

Think that makes sense…

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Thanks @Niall78, I’ll give the Mantic Treeherder a go eventually.

Or I should say “another” go … I actually had one assembled a couple of months ago already and managed to knock it off the table with a careless move of my arm while working on something else - it’s so light it literally flew off the table … and it completely went to pieces, lots of branches snapped clean off. But I guess you shouldn’t do that with any model, so maybe I’m doing it injustice :sweat_smile:

I’m certainly not gonna drop any other large models to see if they fare better or worse … or at least I’ll try not to!!! :joy:

Also thanks for the praise @Markconz! Originally I picked up the Mantic models to have something “simple” to practice on, but i quickly fell in love with them and been giving it my best, with what little painting skill I got. Still can’t believe I’ve already got over 1500 points painted now! :slight_smile: (The Infinity models I’ve been planning to paint after practicing “a little” are still unpainted on the shelf … while the KoW army grows and grows! :grinning: )


And here’s another update with the latest addition, which brings the army up to about 1800pts now, whew! :grinning:

To my despair I just saw however that the tournament that I would love to visit in September, increased points from 2000 to 2300! More to paint! :laughing:


Very late to the party here, but I love the green cloaks on your cavalry! Well worth spending a year of your life on, if you ask me!

Of course, the entire army is very pretty, but that was the highlight for me…


Thanks @Telchar ! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

As far as it being worth a full year of painting … well, … at least they do look pretty :laughing:

Working hard on finishing the last missing points to get everything fully playable at tournaments now!


First Drakon joins the ranks! :grinning:

I was a bit worried about scale issues with the Drakons and the rest of my already painted army. The rider on the Drakon is just a tad larger and also a bit bulkier than the older Stormwind Cavalry Rider models, but seeing them side by side it looks just fine to me.

Definitely won’t be an issue with these models in separate units, just shouldn’t mix and match those riders in the same unit, probably. :slight_smile:


Drakon looks great, Mike!

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I like that the drakon is posed in such a hunched way, it makes it easier to place in melee without parts sticking out too much!


Superb Mikes.

Love how much your paint jobs pop with colour.

Looking forward to painting these miniatures at some stage myself. Mantic on a fine vein of form with the KoW releases of the last few years - these topping the list in my opinion.


Thanks @ThaneBobo , @FredOslow and @Niall78 ! :smiley:

And yep @FredOslow , they are pretty compact and don’t stick out over the base very much. The other pose(s) in the box aren’t hunched down, but still keep pretty close to the footprint of the base. Only one pose has the wings stick out a bit. Anyways, they rank up quite nicely on a Horde base with little trouble. :slight_smile:


And the second Drakon is done finally! Have to say it again: I really really like those models :grinning:

Sadly at my current speed, i won’t finish the Horde in time for the tournament in two weeks … going to have to improvise a bit :wink:


Multiple Lords on Drakon?

Sadly can’t do two Drakon Lords as I wouldn’t be able to reach 2300 points then. (Without the Drakon Horde I would only have 4 unlocks and won’t make the point value.)

But I’ll try to improvise painting wise and paint two quick to paint “alternative Drakons”. (i.e. the LOI Drakons I planned to use before I saw these new resin drakon models.) Should be able to get that done in 1-2 weeks … not perfect, but it should work :slight_smile:


@Mikes Great looking army, I cannot wait to see it in real life.


Thanks @WolleK ! :slight_smile: I’m really looking forward to the tournament as well!

Just putting the final touches on the Drakon horde and checking what else I need.