Mike's Elf Army (Humble Beginnings Part II) updated September 2021

So the Army finally saw battle and it was glorious! Lost some, won some (surprisingly! :sweat_smile: ) and in either case had tons of fun!!! :grin:

Many thanks to @WolleK for organizing an awesome tournament! :grinning:

Made some pictures, but since I forgot to ask for permission in the heat of battle :wink: , will only post a few without other peoples armies on them. Still, here goes:

Army arrayed for battle:

… and on the field:


Brilliant - has a very classic look to me.


Thanks @MarkG!

And I just heard back by mail from my opponents and got permission to post some more pictures as well! :grinning:

From the first game against Undead:

And from the second game against Order of the Green Lady - Where my already wounded Dragon got horribly murdered by Kingdom of Men Archers charging into melee in the back :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Those first two games didn’t go so well either … but the first one was soo close! :wink: Fortunately, my luck changed afterwards! And hey … those were my first games ever, so I am more than content and certainly had a blast playing :grinning:


Looking good on the field of battle @Mikes!

How did those regiments of elves perform?

Your Stormwind Cav also got murderd by the Same Bowmen xD

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Oh that’s you @bremer1701 ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Yep they did! Evil Kingdom of Men Bowmen! Performed so much better than my Elvish ones! :rofl: Luckily both Cavalry and Dragon were able to restore their wounded pride in the later games :slight_smile:

And to answer @MechaSturgeon : Much better than expected actually. Those being my first games of KoW ever, i really expected to lose most if not all games. At the end the results were as follows:

1st game vs Undead: Very very close: I needed to kill one regiment to win the central token to break the tie to win the game … and had a tree herder in his flank and a 2nd tree herder in his rear, … so basically 45 dice hitting on 3+ with CS3 to kill one regiment … and ran out of time :sweat_smile: doh!

2nd game vs @bremer1701 with Order of the Green Lady thaught me that the two Tree Herders I positioned to oppose his knights … can be taken out in a single round, owtch :open_mouth: and there went the entire flank shortly after … That game I lost fair and square, but I think it was also the game were I learned the most. Thinking of it, it probably really was thanks to @bremer1701, that my next three games went so much better.

3rd game vs Goblins was a complete victory with most of his scoring units routed. Still a very close game … could have gone either way in round 5, 6 and 7 … if one of my loot carrying units had routed under fire (lots of goblin artillery was still active at the end) and his horde with loot had not routed.

4th game vs. Kingdom of Men was a complete victory again. Lost only 3 units and had my whole army on the opponents board with the invade Scenario.

5th game vs. Elves, Mirror Match! Again a complete victory, but I have to add that my opponent really had unlucky rolls … missing my waver value by a single point about 4-5 times.

All in all was absolutely great and the army performed much better than expected, those being my first games. But no matter if I won or lost the game, it was really fun to play and I had absolutely great opponents and a very good time!

And to answer @MechaSturgeon finally: Those regiments worked great in concert with the Tree Herders and Shamblers to delay the opponents elements in one place of the battle, while my hard hitters mopped up in a different place and then often were able to come back around and mop up from the flank.

Pretty much all of the Regiments had their “moments” as well. The Tallspears deterring a cavalry charge just by being there and hence effectively protecting my army’s flank in one case. Even the archers who, together with a mage, managed to deliver the final point of damage that allowed me to waver a Cav regiment (Wich allowed the Tallspears to advance and later charge it! :grin:) . And Palace Guard just performed great all around. Palace Guard on a flank or rear charge especially is absolutely deadly.