Mike's (Mantic) Undead Ambush Army - Complete :-)

What started long long ago as a Vanguard project originally, somehow quickly turned into a full 995pts. Ambush army. :grin:

Finally got around to assembling the whole army and took some pictures:

Army will be led alternatively by the (Halfing) Vampire Lord or the Lykanis in the back. Will have to pick either or, to stay within the Ambush point and character limitations.

Some extra models in the back: The lone archer might be used as a “Warbow of Kaba” marker in a Regiment sometime maybe and the two Revenants are leftovers from the original Vanguard project … but may eventually become part of a full regiment in the future.

Overall, those models took way less time than the Elves I’m used to, but nevertheless I’m quite happy with the result. :grin: Was also very refreshing painting completely different models with a different colour palette and a focus on getting them done quickly.


Nice work!
I love the wolves!

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very nice @Mikes

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Thanks @Fugue and @Nav ! :grin:

And with the (Ambush) army complete, I now have to lure some unsuspecting friends into the Hobby cave and try get a game in sometime. :wink:


Great work, I’m trying to get a bunch of Ambush forces ready myself to do something similar