Miniature companies

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Really self explanatory:

Miniature manufacturers for Kingdoms of Men, League of Rhordia, and Brotherhood:

Warlord games (primarily ancients to vikings and the Italian wars (great landsknechts for LoR!)):

Perry miniatures (100 years war and War of the Roses (perhaps the best miniature designers in the business)):

Fireforge games (ca. 9th to 14th century historical humans from Scandinavians to Byzantines, + fantasy humans (Great models that are easy to paint and convert; plastic Byzantines!)):

Victrix (ancients and some dark ages (some of the best ancients miniatures around)):

Gripping Beast (Dark Ages (Great late Romans, Vikings, and Arabs)):

Footsore Miniatures (Vikings, historical):

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Digs out my bookmarks folder:

Westphalia Miniatures (Adventurers, Monsters, Kobolds, Feral/tribal Elves, The NightWatch, and more Halflings than you can shake an elvish dagger at.)

Wargames Atlantic (Skeletons, with Persians, irish, and Halflings on the way)

Bad Squiddo Games (Female Figures for vikings, japan, ancients, medieval, and gothic fantasy.)

Atlantis Miniatures (Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, and Dwarves)

North Star Military Figures (sells a little bit of everything, but also produces the oathmark plastics, Frostgrave plastics, Crusader and Artizan miniatures lines)
Crusader and Artizan make medieval and ancients pewter figures in ~28mm, Oathmark Plastics have Goblins (orcs really), Elves, Men, and Dwarves. Frostgrave is more RPG centric and has multiple flavors of men (barbarians, male soldiers, female soldiers, culstists, pirates, tribals), as well as Gnolls and Snakemen.


Reaper Miniatures (little bit of everything, lots of options for characters. available in Pewter with increasingly common option for plastic-resin)

Wargames Foundry (Ancients, dark ages, medieval, pike&shot)

Warmonger Miniatures (old GW and Citadel sculpt fantasy. dwarves, elves, goblins, trolls, Halflings, Beastmen demons, Undead.)

ShieldWolf Miniatures (Barbarians, orcs, ogres, Humans, goblins, demons, undead)
good options for Varangur and Basilea in there.

Lost Kingdom Miniatures (Evil Dwarves, Goblins/orcs, and lizardmen)

Alternative Armies (wide variety of fantasy armies mixing classic and unconventional elements.)
the World of Valon is basically napoleonic era but with fantasy races, their high fantasy section is remixes of the classic fantasy races)


Scibor minatures (Lots of dwarves and some characters for more common fantasy factions)


Mierce Miniatures (wide range of fantasy infantry, monstrous infantry, monsters and huge monsters; resin, UK-based)
Often has BOGO sales, especially through the summer and Black Friday. If you’re confused by the weird names, their search function accepts many familiar terms (“rats” and “skaven” both return all the ratty critters, for example). Can vouch for quality and service, awesome stuff.

Creature Caster (large demonic monstrous heroes, most NSFW; resin)
Haven’t bought from yet, but excited to try them out sometime soon. Starting to break into smaller, demonic infantry models.

Mirliton Miniatures - a lot of the old Grenadier fantasy ranges and a decent looking ancient and medieval historic selection. (Can find some of the ranges via 3rd party suppliers if UK based)

Nolzurs Marvellous Miniatures D&D range. Good supply of character models and random monsters (nice looking
well scaled dragons for not a lot)

Wargames Atlantic sell affordable plastic skeletons.

Excellent options for Basilea, The Brotherhood, Kingdoms of Men, Abyssals, Varangur, Northern Alliance, Twilight Kin, as well as some limited alternative models for some others:

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Heresy Miniatures is a cool one man shop in the UK that I got my goblins and demons from. He does have some good guys but his ‘evil’ creatures are very fun.
He has a good range of demons from the more stereotypical to some grotesque stuff. His ghoul set is pretty interesting imo, as are his cultists. I myself am a large fan of his goblins, just a shame he only has 9 sculpts (7 of which have bows).

He does some scifi as well and I believe will be kickstarting his skeleton line sometime in the near future. Mostly metal though he is transitioning into resin especially on his larger pieces.

Admiralty Miniatures has a few Abyssal Dwarf related items as well.