MSU Elves - 1850 vs Brothermark - 2020/10/17


Here is the link to the battle report from the game 2 of Rage of Isolation 2 online tournament played on UniversalBattle2.

Elves vs Order of the Brotherhood commanded by Michael in Control scenario.

Game 148 - Order of the Brothermark - 2020/10/17

Many thanks to Michael for a great game!


Excellent report as usual. In my experience, a lot of mistakes come from time pressure, so you just need to try to keep calm and check lines of sight, charge ranges, etc. Others are just down to carelessness, so all you can do is try to be more alert and careful and make yourself do a last check on all moves before finalising them.

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Thanks you Ed! Indeed, time pressure is the very reason people want to use chess clocks. It adds to the game as you don’t have time to measure every angle! And yet, some players (e.g. Jeff!) rarely make mistakes. In fact, if you think they do it is probably a trap! :slight_smile:

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Well yes, for sure, some of us are more prone to mistakes that others!