MSU Elves - 1850 vs Free Dwarfs - 2020/11/29

I have finally managed to have a game of Kings of War!

Please, follow the link to the battle report where Elves fought against Night Stalkers commanded by @DarkBlack in Pillage Scenario.

The game was played on Unviersal Battle 2

Game 140 - Night Stalkers - 2020-04/13

Many thanks to @DarkBlack for a great game! :slight_smile:


That was a really good game and report. I admire your bold distribution of the objectives, all at the bottom edge, and then even more your decision to pick the top side of the table. That was really clever, tricksy Elf tactics. I agree with your analysis of your tactics in the game though. Having given the opponent a tough choice over whether to hold back and defend the three tokens in his deployment zone or to come forward and fight, you let him off the hook (a bit), by choosing to fight the combats in his half of the board. It might have been better to let him get closer - perhaps even give him first turn - and then you would either have the chance to keep some of your flyers or Silverbreeze alive all game to be free to zoom across and claim any abandoned tokens at the bottom, or - if he left several units to defend those tokens - you would have had a better chance of defeating his depleted forces in the centre.


Didn’t expect to see another Battle report any time soon with everything beeing closed down. What a welcome surprise and such a close and exciting game again too! Thanks Swordmaster :smiley:

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Hi @Edzig!

Thanks a lot for your comment and apologies for late reply!

You should expect some tricksy tactics from an Elf! Night Stalkers are not the only ones good at mind games :slight_smile:

The idea about giving @DarkBlack a choice came after the battle. That is one of the reasons I like writing the reports, to gain some more insights and hopefully learn something new to use next time. I actually was contemplating the disengagement with the Drakon Lord but for some reason, I was only checking 5" move rather than full 10" to avoid the Hounds. @DarkBlack did it much better with his Void Lurker!

I agree that waiting for the enemy to come closer is a good idea but in this game I did not have a choice for the first turn. @DarkBlack won the roll off and offered me the honour to begin the battle :slight_smile:

I noted that in 3rd edition these Silver Breeze units are even more crucial in holding the objectives. If I can keep them alive they can do it with their speed and shoot at damaged enemies to force nerve checks. Similarly with Drakon Lords, simply because they fly and are still nimble. So can, in the last moment, to move away and score.

However, in order to do that I really need to do better with the rest of the army. If I suffer too many losses I may not afford such moves or these units may have been gone by then anyway.

What do you think about my army after a few months since 3rd edition was released?


Hi @Mikes!

Well, Universal Battle 2 online platform is popular as never before! In fact, there are many more opportunities to play now than before even if playing with real models is not an option.

I would have played more but it is quite intense in real life and despite working from home, I find I have less time for the hobby! :frowning:

But I will keep trying! In fact, I played one more game after this one so expect another report. Hopefully soon! :smiley:

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Here is the link to the battle report from my most recent game of Kings of War played on Universal Battle 2.

Elves vs Trident Realm commanded by Jeff in Push scenario.

Many thanks to Jeff for a great game!

Game 141 - Trident Realm - 2020/04/19



Here is the link to my most recent battle report from the game of #KingsOfWar #Mantic played on #UniversalBattle2. Elves vs Sylvan Kin commanded by @Edzig in Salt the Earth scenario.

Many thanks to Ed for a great game!

Game 142 - Sylvan Kin - 2020/05/03


Thanks for the report, and even more so for the game, which was a cracker.

I like this scenario a lot, especially with this army, which gives opportunities to burn the objectives even on in areas of the battlefield that you don’t expect to be winning in the long run. With hindsight, I made some errors in scenario play, though. The biggest one was to burn the top left token as soon as I had the chance to do so (turn 2). I was afraid that your Drakon Lord and / or Drakons would fly over that way and I would have to sacrifice the Panthers in order to be able to burn it later (i.e. leave them where they would sit on the token at the end of my turn to burn it, and then have to take a charge in yours. My idea - which seemed good at the time (don’t they always!) - was for the Panthers to burn that token, then come down and control the bottom left one at the end of the game, pausing on the way to look threatening from the top of the hill. I hadn’t reckoned with Archie’s LB, which shot them off straight away. It would have been better to leave them in the top left, safe from Archie. If you had come after them with your flying units, they would have had to give up three turns to do it.

The other mistake was not so clear, but turn 3 I think I should not have have burned “your” token in the wood. My horde of Shamblers, supported by the Avatar of the Green Lady had a good chance to hold on to that for the rest of the game, and you would likely have diverted units to contest it with them, relieving the pressure on my centre - which was intense!

I made some other mistakes and dubious decisions. Turn 1, I actually left both the Master Hunter and the Gur Panthers in charge range of your Drakon Lord and Drakons. This was just carelessness - something I suffer from a lot on UB - or perhaps I was wearing the wrong spectacles. I don’t know whether you didn’t see that, or decided that you needed to keep your flyers facing the centre, but if the latter, you surely should have charged them. You’d have taken both units within 2 turns and would have been in my rear.

Turn 3, I didn’t send the Shambler horde in the middle wood into combat. That was because I had forgotten that the token they were guarding was the centre one and couldn’t be burned, so I thought I needed to keep it protected in case one of your flyers came over the top and burned it. I could have done with the extra attacks to get through your several units there sooner. In the end it didn’t matter, as the Wiltfather basically soloed your units there, luckily for me.

Once again, I felt my army was better for having the Kindred Archers in it, although the only damage they did all game was 2 pips on the Stormwind. Apart from that their shooting did nothing and in their three rounds of combat with the Drakons, they either missed or were wavered. Their distracting your Drakons over there, and giving me the choice when / whether to burn the top right token was crucial, though. Again, I probably burned it too soon, but I was afraid you might kill them in one go (they weren’t inspired). I also like the Master Hunter and Avatar of the Green Lady. I think this version of the list is better than the one with 3 Tree Herders, although it is fun to play with three of them wreaking havoc against whatever they are facing.

It was a really close game and could easily have gone the other way. You came very, very close to killing both Tree Herders at certain moments. To have lost either would have been a disaster for me.

Thanks again for the game. I hope for another soon!


Hi Ed!

Thanks a lot for your comments, I always appreciate them and I am sure the readers like to know what both players planned to do during the game, in comparison to the real outcomes!

It looks like we both focused on our respective mistakes! In some cases, perhaps just different decisions could be considered. I actually think in many situations, there is not a single perfect solution. That’s why the game is so interesting because the course of battle may be completely different with just a single decision made at particular time!

The points you made added to the things I will need to consider next time! For example, I assumed that you kept your Master Hunter out of sight all the time. With his mobility it can be done. Perhaps I should have checked it more carefully! Also, diverting the Drakons and/or Lord would release some pressure from the centre so it is not that such decision would not have had further consequences. For example, Drakons would not have been able to help Palace Guard to fight against Forest Shamblers that Surged a bit further forward.

Having said that, it is always good to consider potential options, especially with the full benefit of the hindsight!

Once again, many thanks for the game, for taking time to write about the way you saw the battle from your point of view and I would definitely love a rematch!


Hi Swordmaster,

Just a quick question: why did you add tallspears to your list? as a MSU/alpha strike list, would your army not benefit from more “hitty” units? For instance a 2nd unit of stormwind, a troop of chariots or some forest shambers of your own?

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Hi @Vince!

Good question! :slight_smile:

I want to use the units I have models for, that’s always my first self imposed limitation. That’s why I did not consider Storm Wind as at the moment I am not able to field 2 regiments. I should in the future (and I have models to paint!) but not at the moment.

I could, potentially, add one more regiment of Shamblers or one regiment of War Chariots. But at this stage I did not consider it. Especially Chariots are a bit troublesome for me to find a new role for them.

I was actually thinking about Sea Guard because I like multi-purpose units but I was not able to field 2 units of those (unless I decided to leave second Archmage at home).

At the same time I wanted to add Tallspears to see if they can contribute to the army as cavalry blocker. In this way I should be able to be more aggressive against such units, advance against them with Tallspears and corner them. This should allow a bit more space for my faster units to manoeuvre. At least in theory :slight_smile:

I will play a few more games with them and see if that works.




Here is the link to my most recent battle report from the game played on Universal Battle 2. Elves vs Trident Realm of Neretica commanded by Jeffrey in Control Scenario.

Many thanks to Jeff for a great game!

Game 143 - Trident Realm - 2020/05/10



Here is the link to the battle report from the first game of Rage of Isolation tournament played on Universal Battle 2.

Elves vs Undead commanded by Matthew in Salt the Earth scenario.

Many thanks to Matt for a great game!

Game 144 - Undead - 2020/05/14



Here is the link to the battle report from the second round of Rage of Isolation online tournament in played on Universal Battle 2. Elves vs Salamanders commanded by Ben of Direct Misfire fame.

Game 145 - Salamanders - 2020/05/17

Many thanks to Ben for a great game!


Cheers for more Battlereports @Swordmaster! And what a splendid victory that last one was :smiley:

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Thanks @Mikes! It was very much needed one :slight_smile:


Here is the link to the battle report from the last game of Rage of Isolation online tournament played on Universal Battle 2.

Elves vs Varangur commanded by Michael Plunder scenario.

Game 146 - Varangur - 2020/05/24

Many thanks to Michael for the game!


Masterfully done!
It’s always a great feeling when your army works like you intended it to.

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Thank you @DarkBlack! It was good to be able to win the last game :slight_smile:

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It’s been a while!

Here is the link to my most recent battle report from the game 1 of Rage of Isolation 2 tournament organized by Michael Clarke. Elves vs Forces of Nature commanded by Ben Rantall from Direct Misfire crew! Scenario: Fool’s Gold!

Game 147 - Forces of Nature - 2020/10/11

Many thanks to Bensome for a fantastic game! :slight_smile: