MSU Elves - Game 139 - Forces of Nature - 2020/02/16

Here is the link to the battle report from game 5 of Kings of War during Clash of Kings Australia 2020.

Elves vs Dwarfs commanded by Brent in Push scenario.

Game 138 - Dwarfs - 2020/02/13

Many thanks to Brent for a great game!


Thanks for another report! For me it is always very rewarding feeling to achieve the scenario goal at the cost of (necessary) heavy losses. Your game reminds me of one in which I played with the herd against very shooty goblins that almost always destroyed my army completely (their shooting was removing 1-2 units per round). In that particular game I lost the whole army with an exception of lycan alpha that (after 7th round) was still somehow keeping valuable loot tokens in the opponent’s territory. The victory never felt so sweet to me … :smiley:

So, congratulations to your achievement, your archers deserve medals for being true heroes of the battle. :+1:


It is a sad day to hear of a dwarf defeat, but a happy day to hear of an Outcast victory!
Also nice to have predicted it correctly.

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Hi @AlQuds!

Thank you for your comment!

Absolutely! Such games always create a great story, especially when the final result depends, almost literally, on the very last dice roll. I also think that no matter the result, such close games always make you and your opponent excited about the battle itself and leave unforgettable memory. Something worthy of a story in itself!

Indeed, the Archers were the heroes of the battle and the whole army made a lot of ultimate sacrifices to help them reach the safety!



Hi @DarkBlack!

Congratulations on a perfect prediction! I do have a feeling you were still curious how would that happen :slight_smile:

And don’t worry, Brent told me he is already looking for the re-match. I am sure this impertinent act of stealing gold that rightfully belonged to Dwarfs was already entered into appropriate section of a book record. Such an insult will not be forgotten and demands action! :slight_smile:


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Here is the link to the battle report from the last game of Kings of War I played during Clash of Kings Australia 2020. Elves vs Forces of Nature commanded by Ken in Control scenario.

Game 139 - Forces of Nature - 2020/02/16

Many thanks to Ken for a game!


Another great report - used to have to wait 2-3 months for these in WD!

The grid showing the zones at the end was very helpful.

Poor critters, safe all game, then pincushioned at the end! Did it put you off battlecats?

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Good game and thank you for writing it up! I gave enjoyed following this.

My predictions:
Game 1 win. Wrong, dealing with those units were tough. 0/1

“Game 2 win, your opponent has a lot of hitting power stuck in that corner, getting in each other’s way.”
I was right about how that would go. 1/2

“Game 3 loss, don’t think you can stop his centre.”
You attacked his centre with your left flank to prove me wrong. 1/3

“Game 4 could go either way. I think you might have a slight edge in speed though.”
This game swung back and forth and was decided at the very end! I’m claiming it. 2/4

“Game 5 win, he’s got nothing to stop you scoring all 3 while you can hold the dwarfs up.”
That’s what happened, more or less. 3/5

“Game 6 win, I think you can overwhelm the right flank and your opponent is slow on the left.”
Overwhelm might have been an overstatement, but you still came through on the right while holding the left up. 4/6

So I do have a little insight, but so much can happen during a game! KoW is not a game that is won before it starts so easily.

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Hi @MarkG!

Ha! It is probably not a surprise that these reports were always an inspiration! I am so happy to hear that the reports I write bring back good, old memories too!

Good to know the grid helped to visualise the result. I came up with this idea at the very end of writing and I am glad I included it!

My approach to 3rd edition is to use what I have already or what I have models for in general. Hence, I have not thought about Battle Cats yet. Any suggestions (other than being expendable!) how I would potentially benefit from including them?


Hi @DarkBlack!

First of all, thanks for making predictions! I know it is not easy and I did make mistakes that affected the end results of the battles. I greatly appreciate that because it is impossible for me to do the same. After all, I have already played the games and I would also look at them from biased point of view of a player of the Elven army. Your predictions give me a rare insight into the way another player can see the situation.

In some cases I failed to prove you right but I was happy to surprise you on some other occasions :slight_smile: And if that is a sign that army list building is not the factor that has to determine the result prior to the battle itself, I think that’s fantastic!

I will be posting some summary hopefully soon so stay tuned for the final thoughts!

I definitely see the benefits of sticking with a list. The cats are a cheap, fast, small unit so seemed to fit the MSU approach. I think they’d give you the option of cheaper chaff. Not to trap/fool the enemy but just to park in the way and force a favourable exchange. Lots of your opponents had large blocks and little ranged capability to deal with them. Think they could look cool too!