My AD Berserkers need nets!

Hi there,

I’m planning to build two troops of Abyssal Dwarf Berserkers. I want to play them (at least some times) with the slaver net upgrade, because Ensnare is awesome.
Where can I get at least some nets for 28mm minis? I’m grateful for any suggestions. Thanks in advance!

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Niaids sprues come with lots of nets.

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Good to know @Nav. Sadly, I have no Naiads, nor do I plan to buy them. I just placed an order at Mantic. So buying a single sprue seperatly is not an option.

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You don’t need niaids, you need someone who bought the Northern Alliance Mega Army, because they,most likely, won’t want the nets. The Ice Naiads that come in it have both the Ice upgrades, and the original Naiads sprues, but the Northern Alliance army doesn’t benefit from the nets, so are unlikely to be used in making Ice Naiads, so they will be lying around in their spare bits box,


Thanks again, put up a topic at the Marketplace.

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The kitbash version is stuff like the netting you get supermarket garlic bulbs in or fine wire mesh.

The AD upgrade IS about the only use for the weird netted bodies from the naiad kit!